Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific (WDAP) comprises close to 2,000 employees located in offices, sales sites and more than 70 resorts across eight Asia Pacific countries. Its corporate offices are located in Australia, Singapore, China and the Philippines.

The WDAP team work together to support the operations of three vacation clubs – Club Wyndham South Pacific, Club Wyndham Asia and Innovative Holiday Club by Club Wyndham – and service more than 71,000 vacation owners across these clubs.

During 2020, the company pivoted and adapted when all corporate employees across four countries had to work from home during respective lockdowns due to COVID-19. The roll-out of work from home arrangements, equipment deployment and Zoom video conferencing was rapid and highly successful.

Rigorous health and hygiene procedures were implemented, including temperature checks and hand sanitiser stations at every workplace. Additional support was offered to associates in the way of resilience workshops, mental health workshops and access to free yoga videos and mindfulness sessions conducted via Zoom calls.

Support was also extended to team members in Australia by offering free meals, while care packages were provided to team members in Fiji when the resort temporarily closed.

Mission, Values and Service Commitment
The WDAP team is aligned with the global company mission to put the world on vacation, and the global service commitment Hospitality with Heart. WDAP associates embody this commitment along with the company values of Hospitality, Engagement, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork.
A Culture of Collaboration
A perfect example of collaboration is the Millennial Board – a group of 10 innovative thinkers who influence the company’s direction and ensure it caters for millennial customers.

Inclusion and Diversity is Celebrated
The Asia Pacific team is well represented at the company’s recently established Global Inclusion and Diversity Council, which focuses on strengthening global communities through inclusion, equitable opportunities, and social justice.
Learning & Development
A global management system has been integrated into WDAP’s HR systems, which helps streamline and enhance learning opportunities across a digital platform.

Associate Perks
All associates enjoy discounted resort stays and a free membership to a lifestyle purchases program. In Australia, all full-time staff enjoy the added benefit of subsidised private health insurance.

Wellness Program
In the second half of 2020, the Human Resources team launched a regional Mental Health Awareness campaign, which directly exposed more than 1,000 employees to professional mental health guidance.

The initiative, and the opportune timing of its launch – during the uncertain months of the pandemic – has received substantial acclaim in the media as well receiving a 4.5 out of 5 rating among associates.

The pinnacle of the campaign were the week-long activities, which coincided with the annual “R U OK?” Day – a national day of action in Australia to support loved ones who may be struggling.

Activities included:
• Daily mental health awareness training for associates
• Panel discussions
• Employee Assistance Program sessions
• Psychologist-led workshops
• Daily mindfulness classes and online yoga
• Care packages for associates at sales sites affected by the pandemic

This program has been so well received that it has been adopted by Wyndham Destinations in the USA for a global roll-out.

Corporate Responsibility

• Wishes by Wyndham – provides community support to people and charities that need assistance by contributing time, skills, knowledge and resources.

• WYNDGreen – implements food waste recycling initiatives to reduction of single-use plastic and regular beach clean ups.

Despite the cancellation of fun annual events, associates maintained a level of fun within their work environments, including themed Zoom calls, online trivia sessions and cross departmental coffee catch-ups.

Connection and Communication
Virtual Town Halls from the US headquarters are now accessible to all associates, including fortnightly CEO addresses. Regionally, our senior leadership team host live discussions and smaller round table conversations with different business units.
A private Facebook group page was created for associates to connect and share positive messages during the most difficult months of 2020.

Reward & Recognition
The Lead With Your Heart recognition platform unites associates across the globe with a single recognition program that houses three tiers of associate awards:
• eCards (non-monetary): Congratulate, thank, or virtually high-five a co-worker with an eCard.
• Heartbeat Awards (monetary): Recognise a distinctive contribution of a peer, teammate, or business partner for representing the Values and Core Competencies in extraordinary ways.
• Pillar Awards (monetary): Honour associates who exhibit the highest level of achievement.

Staff engagement at Wyndham is rated highly (6.1 out of 7). We have embedded the use of an innovative employee onboarding platform across the company, and partnered with leadership teams to deliver consistent, outstanding orientation and onboarding experiences across local and international offices.

Newly hired employees who are introduced to the company through this revamped onboarding process rate their experience at 8.48 out of 10 – considered a high score for an onboarding experience.