Wellington Financial specializes in lending to developers of timeshare resorts, fractional resorts, and retail land. They have financed the timeshare industry without interruption since being founded in 1981. Specializing in receivables hypothecation, inventory and development loans starting at $10,000,000, Wellington has funded over $8.0 Billion with their group of lenders. The finance and service company offers a full range of products, including receivables hypothecation, purchase and conduit facilities; pre-sale and working capital lines of credit; acquisition, construction and renovation financing, as well as mezzanine and equity debt financing. With 40 years of expertise in the vacation ownership industry, they lend to credit-worthy borrowers at attractive banks rates.

Through a multitude of economic booms and busts, Wellington has served their customers extremely well for four decades. Using their experience, nimbleness, and creativity, they facilitated Liberty Bank funding $400MM to its Resort Finance customers in 2020. No one in the banking or timeshare industries could have envisioned the type of prolonged business interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Wellington and Liberty immediately talked to each of their customers when the lock-down started and quickly provided flexibility so their borrowers could adapt their business practices to the rapidly changing environment.

Wellington Financial is the exclusive Resort Finance correspondent for Liberty Bank, one of the industry’s largest lenders and one that has unwaveringly financed the shared ownership industry since 1986. Together since 1995, Liberty and Wellington are a formidable team with significant industry experience and institutional knowledge.