I know this award is probably for the highest sales and results, however, it makes me think… what makes a company the best? My vision of “The Best” is which company impacts the lives of their guests, employees, and community the best. Which company fights through adversity by rallying together and without quitting? Which company represents themselves, their product, and industry in ways that we can be proud of? What companies is inclusive to all and prides itself to being diverse and sparking hope? Which companies give back to the community that serves as their foundation? In January 2019, Vacations 4 You opened as a new company, in a new market, with a brand new sales and marketing team with zero travel club sales experience, with the exception of the founder and sales leader. Vacations 4 You should be highly considered for Best Overall Company as I know we check every box of what it takes to be great.

This award is more about fighting through remarkable adversity and still coming out on top! In the year 2020, Vacations 4 You has faced a lot. They began their 2nd year of operation full of hope and promise. March 2, a massive E-4 tornado ripped through Nashville killing 24 people, creating $1.6 billion in damage, and destroying 580 homes. One of those homes was the home of one of our sales associates. His family left homeless and two boys confused. The Vacations 4 You team immediately rallied around him and the community by helping provide clothing, new toys, cleaned up efforts, and raised thousands of dollars to help families get back on their feet. This tragedy helped our team grow closer together and reminded us to be grateful for each and every day.

Just a 18 days later, our community came to a halt when we hear the news that all non essential businesses were ordered to close until further notice due to COVID 19. Vacations 4 You was deemed one of those businesses. The team stuck together through virtual meetings, an amazing GroupMe thread full of inspiration and hope, and trust in the organization that we will make it through. Thankfully, we did! We made it through! As a privately owned company, it wasn’t easy, but I knew this team deserved everything it took to make sure we came out! We also had the opportunity to give over $30,000 in COVID relief funds for those impacted by the outbreak and needed assitance. We came back grateful for the opportunity, dove into what was needed to be safe for ourselves and our guests, and we delivered world class results!

Being in our 2nd year of operations, finding partners to help with is a challenging task. We were either too small of a company, too new of a company, or not enough revenue as a company to get done what we needed to get done. Through a lot of perseverance we managed to forge partnerships with companies all over the world to help grow and scale our business. All while sticking to our consumer first focus, we are and started a new beginning and growth pattern regardless of what was ahead of us. In September 2020, we break our all times sales record! In October… we break the record again! With these 2 months of success we made the decision as an organization to go into extreme growth mode. One of those ways was to increase the size of our OPC program by adding 2 new welcome center locations in downtown Nashville, just a few blocks from our office. The locations were amazing and we were on track to break the record AGAN in December… until…

Christmas morning, at 6:30 am an RV full of explosives was parked on historic 2nd Ave here in Nashville. The explosion destroyed over 41 businesses, collapsed buildings, and turned downtown Nashville into what appeared to be a War zone out of a movie. 2 of those businesses were our welcome centers, one block away is our sales office, and here we are… the final 7 days of the year… closed. During this time I’ve taken the time to talk with all of my associates, most crying from the loss and fear, others showing the same amount of hope and promise that led us through everything else we experienced this year. But one thing is for sure– it takes a lot of passion and love for each other, our community, and industry to know we will be ok!

So when you ask, Who is the best company there is… it may not be Vacations 4 You. However, I do know there is not a team on the planet more deserving or who have been through so much and never once thinking of stopping. Always moving forward, believing in on another, and trusting in the process. I wouldn’t trade this team for any in the industry.