Vacation SafeGuard has continued to innovate over the past 4 years since official launch. The Cash Back Program started as a long-term program, but was quickly adapted to match the demands of the current marketplace and now provides a Loyalty Program aspect where customers can receive Loyalty Credits each year that can be applied at any time to membership upgrades rather than waiting until the end of the program. We also added the option to redeem in cash after just 50% of the program term, creating an even more flexible, shorter term value proposition.

As COVID-19 hit the world, Vacation SafeGuard took advantage of the initial downtime to expand it’s non-vacation industry interests, formally launching SafeGuard LLC and expanding the cash back program to be available for Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Campground Memberships and Jet Card Memberships.

Furthermore, SafeGuard LLC re-imagined their original Buy Back program using many of the new benefits from the Cash Back Program to make a new Loyalty Buy Back Program for Leisure Real Estate, Yacht Ownership, RV Ownership and more. This program has been incredibly successful, producing new clients from USA to Singapore, Dubai to United Kingdom – all during the pandemic.

Finally, SafeGuard created a hybrid version of their Loyalty Program especially for Solar Energy and has already landed contracts with several vendors, including a national company.

SafeGuard lives and breathes innovation daily, constantly looking for ways to improve and deliver unique solutions to multiple industries – and has had an incredible impact on the vacation ownership industry by generating an average 15% increase in sales across all clients, at ZERO COST to the vacation club.