The Boardroom - GNEX ConferenceThe Global Networking Experience, more commonly known as GNEX Conference which attracts senior-level vacation industry executives representing more than 100+ companies from around the world is introducing another new session type to its unique conference format for its special 10th Anniversary event at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, 18-21 February 2020.

The Boardroom is a new and innovative session that will bring together a group of C-Suite leaders like never before, to raise questions and debate solutions to topical issues. They will work through an agenda in open dialogue that focuses on what’s ahead for the vacation industry with respect to product variations, customer acquisition, growth areas, potential challenges, opportunities and more.

“This is another ambitious project that breaks the mold of traditional conferences. We plan to bring together several industry leaders from around the globe in a way that no other event ever has.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group and event organizer.

Recent years have also seen the addition of The 60-Second Pitch which is an opportunity for those that register early to introduce themselves to the audience to assist with networking. Also introduced was X-TALKS, which are ten-minute solo presentations that provide high impact educational value in a short amount of time.

In addition to The Boardroom, GNEX 2020 will also see the introduction of Expo LIVE!, an opportunity for select sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and services to prospective clients in the audience from the main stage in a structured segment of the conference schedule. Each of the presenting companies will have just five minutes to demonstrate their offering using audio/visual aids. Vacation industry executives, including resort developers, vacation clubs, travel vendors and more will be able to learn how they may be able to improve their business from ten companies in less than an hour – saving them overall discovery time during the conference networking opportunities, and highlighting opportunities and ideas they may not have thought of.

In celebrating 10 years, event organizers, Perspective Group are continuing the tradition of outstanding venues by selecting the Bellagio in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip – a hotel that at the time of its opening, was the most expensive hotel ever built. The Las Vegas event is slated to exceed all previous years for unique content, networking opportunities, and attendance.

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With a new destination every year, a heavy focus on networking, high-quality events, and innovative format, GNEX Conferences attract senior-level executives from more than 100+ companies across the globe. The conference brings together a unique mix of attendees from traditionally separated segments of the hospitality industry, enabling you to network with companies that specialize in Hotels, Vacation Ownership, Resort Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, OTAs, Travel Agencies & Travel Clubs, plus all the vendors that supply them, including Resort Management, Sales & Marketing, Legal & Financial, Construction & Renovation, Technology, HR & Training and more… For more details on our next event at Bellagio, Las Vegas, visit