GNEX 2022 Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada


“We get things done here… It’s a place to complete contracts, to get new ideas, and to take home benefits that we didn’t have before.”
Curtis Knipe, Sales & Marketing Director, El Cid Vacations Club.

“I was invited to be on The BOARDROOM series, it’s a great way to expand your horizons and thinking with great speakers.”
Nigel Logo, COO, Grand Pacific Resorts.

“Speed Networking is a lot of fun, it really is because it’s like speed dating, so being able to just sit across from each other, trade business cards, and give a little recap and highlight about what we do and how we can partner together is really awesome!”
Ericka Schwarm, Director of Client Development, Equiant Financial Services.

“For us to come into an event like this and be really welcomed with open arms and embraced in a really positive way has been really exciting.”
Mike Kennedy, CEO and CoFounder, Koala.

“It is a conference for you to do business, but in a relaxed way.”
Juan Ignacio Rodriguez, Managing Director, , RCI Latin America & Caribbean.

“This is my favorite conference of the entire year… It’s 200(+) of the key stakeholders throughout the industry and you have access to them.”
Renee Wagner, Senior Director of Marketing, Grand Pacific Resorts.

“I attend GNEX for the ability to be able to sit down in front of the people that can make decisions.”
Jonathan Stoker, CEO, Vacation Ownership Advisor