GNEX 2021, Miami Beach, Florida


“For us as developers it’s very important to be at the number 1 convention for the timeshare industry. You must be there in 2022.”
Jose Luis Salazar, COO Raintree Rewards / Raintree Vacation Club.

“What a great opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in the timeshare and travel, hospitality industry.”
Lino Maldonado, President, BeHome247.

“It’s a nice size, not overwhelming large so you get to talk to whoever you want to talk to.”
Mike Nelson, CEO, arrivia.

The Boardroom has been the highlight for me, very valuable information. There’s never been a GNEX that we didn’t come away with multiple things of value. For us, this is the most important conference of the year.”
Curtis Knipe, Sales & Marketing Director, El Cid Vacations Club.

“If you want to increase your business by at least 25%, come to GNEX!”
Erika Garcia, CEO, Sunset World Resorts.

“People that come to GNEX are people who are some of the real true leaders in the industry
Gaetan Babin, President & CEO, Canadian Resort & Travel Association.

“GNEX is an awesome conference that really brings all industry professionals in the travel space together. There are so many amazing people here, and so there’s ability to transfer information with one another that will carry on long after the conference ends. It was a game changer for us. Our business will be drastically impacted for the positive because we are here.”
Greg Minor, President, Vacations 4 You!