GNEX 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada


“For me this conference is by far the most valuable of all opportunities. We get more done here in two days than most conferences that run four and five days. Every developer ought to be coming to this conference.”
Curtis Knipe, Sales & Marketing Director, El Cid Vacations Club

“GNEX is one of the most unusual and unique conferences in this industry. It brings together global leaders for education and leadership. People come from all over the world to hear the best and brightest leaders speak about what’s happening and the important issues today. If you are a leader in this industry you need to be here, this is where it’s happening right now!”
Gregory Crist, CEO, Association of Vacation Owners and President & CEO, Canadian Vacation Ownership Association

“The panelists that they have are different panelists that maybe you would see at other industry conferences, so it brings a new perspective to what we are seeing every day in the business.”
Bob McGrath, Vice President of Business Development, RCI