Starting out as a team of five in 2016 (and a pilot to look at how it could support the business more efficiently but also expand customer service), Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Philippines has grown into a team of over 412 associates. Initially established to support the Asia Pacific business, the team has now evolved into a truly global support center for Travel + Leisure Co.

Today, the team provides services for multiple business arms of Travel + Leisure Co, providing technical, customer and operations support for Wyndham Destinations, RCI and Panorama business units. It supports these three business arms, along with some 850,000 vacation club members, 3.7 million RCI members and 245 club resorts across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the USA.

The team supports the following business competencies: Business administration, HR, payroll, finance, information technology, operations, and brand communications. It also has customer-facing units including: club owner and member services, customer experience, customer care, owner enhancement, corporate marketing, consumer finance, inventory and exchange, and social media.

The business leadership team invests heavily in training, career development and skills improvement for the Philippines team. From 2017 to 2020, new people with critical roles were sent to Australia on their first two weeks to meet colleagues and undergo training. They were also checked in at one of the club resorts/properties to personally experience Club Wyndham’s hospitality, products, and services. While this has paused due to COVID-19 restrictions, the extensive training has continued though online video platforms.

Thanks to excellent training, onboarding, and collaboration, the Clark Team has become a seamless and valued extension of existing teams in international locations.

Upholding the company’s core values, the team makes an immense contribution to global operations with quality output, customer obsession and a culture, which embraces inclusion and diversity, philanthropy and sustainability.

The team has initiated a significant number of community projects through its social and environmental programs WYNDGreen and Wishes by Wyndham. The committees of these programs are all composed of volunteers from different departments who spearhead several community-based activities such as tree planting, beach cleanups, turtle protection drives, and feeding programs for malnourished children.

The volunteers have set up fundraising drives through workplace giving and dedicated campaigns, donating all proceeds to charity and various causes in need of support.

The team has also implemented numerous sustainability initiatives. LED lighting and eco-friendly furniture have been installed, and all team members practice waste segregation and recycling. Through its WYNDGreen program, the team has effectively eliminated the use of plastic straws and utensils in the office, along with balloons for company activities and events to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

The team also has several employee engagement programs such as Be Well (corporate wellness) and Inclusion by Wyndham (gender equality and diversity in the workplace). The committee members engage employees in various wellness sessions and have meaningful discussions that help shape internal policies addressing diversity and inclusion.

With all these programs, the team has developed a culture of openness, transparency, equality, and service to the community. It is one of the global company’s most diverse teams, embracing people with different cultures, religions, gender preferences, and backgrounds.

The leadership team in the Philippines promotes collaboration among associates with the belief that the key to excellent outputs is having all departments synchronize harmoniously and work together as one.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the team’s resilience when most associates had to work from home for their safety and follow government health protocols. The team’s leaders immediately provided the necessary equipment, technical assistance, and wellness support including COVID prevention and resources for mental well-being. They also organised a COVID-19 vaccination drive with the local government for all employees. As of today, 98% of the company’s team members in Clark are now vaccinated.

A team that knows how to have fun while working, associates actively participate in dance and office decoration competitions. The team recently held its company-wide Tiktok dance competition and paraded their spooky and creative costumes during Halloween.

With the evolving needs of the global business, club owners and ever-expanding markets, the Philippines Team continues to grow. The office building can accommodate 800 employees on a 24/7 shift, and recruitment is ongoing. With the impressive talent pool in the Philippines, it is expected this team will continue to advance and strengthen in coming years.

The Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Philippines team collectively demonstrates professionalism, dedication to their roles, exceptional customer service, and creativity. Solution orientated, the team is benefiting the entire company’s evolution and expansion into new markets.