The Wyndham Destinations Asia pacific consumer finance team is comprised of some 50 professionals providing finance to over 14,000 owners; operating a portfolio over $275M and generating 10% revenue for the business.

Senior Vice President, Consumer Finance, Jennifer Crew-Reid describes the performance of the team during 2020 as follows:

“The Consumer Finance team has pivoted gracefully from ‘The way we used to do things’ to ‘The way we do things now’. A number of our processes changed and almost everyone on the team ended up doing tasks they hadn’t done before and learnt new skills.

Everyone was so resilient and flexible, taking on additional tasks and moving into completely different roles. So many times I would hear people say ‘I’m happy to do whatever you need me to, just teach me how to do it and I’ll do it’. While this may seem simple, during the chaos of a pandemic and moving everyone to work from home so quickly, the entire department pulled together and simply did what needed to be done.

Everyone supported each other and made sure no one was left behind through the changes be it needing training, emotional support, technology support and everything in-between.
Through innovation and reinvention, we changed so many processes, and quickly.

Having team members take on different tasks also meant that we had an opportunity to interact with team members that we wouldn’t normally interact with. This strengthened our department as we built new relationships and discovered new talents. I’m sure if anyone had suggested having a complete call centre work from home a year ago, the idea would have been crazy. We did it.

Move your entire department to work from home in less than four weeks with no impact to owners? We did it.

Strengthen team and individual relationships without an expensive day long team builder? We did it.”

Due to pressure on the business during the pandemic the team had to be downsized and some team members had to take leave, yet everyone pitched in to help cover their tasks. Team members did a great to support each other and ensure the team continued to meet its targets and fulfil its requirements.

At this time when the team was focussed on providing exceptional results and caring about each other, their customer obsession was on full display. Associates across the department put in extra hours, took on new roles and focused on helping owners.

They were quick to make changes to processes which allowed them to provide relief to owners in a timelier manner, without impacting the portfolio too drastically. They ensured that they kept in touch with the owners who were provided relief, to not only make sure they were ready to make payments at the end of their relief period, but also that the owners were in a position to do so without being placed into hardship.

They created a speciality COVID-19 post-relief team to contact owners who received relief via deferring repayments. Over 90% of owners who were provided relief were up to date with their payments within 30 days after their deferment ended. To put that in perspective, in any normal given month, the team might provide 150 owners with deferments. At the peak of the pandemic, they provided almost 900 owners with deferments. To provide that many deferments and get owners back paying again is a sign of great success.

Over the months spanning the peak of the pandemic, the team were inundated with incoming calls and emails, many of which were owners with stories of hardship. Their mission has been to keep the portfolio strong while balancing taking care of club owners.

When the decision was made to provide a discount for Privileges members, the teams pulled together to make it happen, even if it meant manually keying these changes into the system. They empowered their agents with new guidelines to make decisions to help owners on the spot.

Team members managed to adapt to new routines, and become accustomed to new ways of communicating among themselves. Relationships were strengthened via daily strategic meetings to ensure that all issues were being tackled to continuously improve performance. This ensured that everyone was doing well well both mentally and in the execution of their work. The collaborative efforts helped create a strong culture that “we are all in this together”.

The team had to adapt to the addition of a new club (IHC) during the pandemic, and a new sales site (in Japan) at the same time.

The Club Wyndham Asia team raised its levy currency from around 41% at the beginning of June to just over 93% today (that’s a 52% increase) – meaning 93% of members are now up to date with their payments.

This team continues to set benchmarks across the timeshare industry.