Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific’s (WDAP’s) corporate headquarters are situated in Singapore with offices on the Gold Coast, Australia; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Clark in the Philippines. It employs close to 3,000 associates at its offices and resorts across nine countries.

The company develops, markets and sells vacation ownership interests and provides consumer financing for Club Wyndham South Pacific. The team also provides support for affiliate Wyndham Destinations International Limited, responsible for the development of Club Wyndham Asia and Innovative Holiday Club by Wyndham.

Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific is the largest timeshare operation outside of North America with close to 71,000 vacation club members. It has a consumer finance portfolio in excess of AU$230 million, a full-service travel agency and a member benefit program that offers vacation exchange, flights, car hire and more.

The company has seen impressive growth from one property in Fiji in 2000, to an asset portfolio in excess of AUD $1 billion, and more than 70 resorts open or under development today. EBITDA has tripled since its establishment.

The strong headwinds of the pandemic meant the company had to operate leaner in 2021, and yet despite the many challenges, associates stepped up to do what was needed and the company stayed agile.

Teams had to be incredibly alert and responsive to keep operations on track with snap border closures and lockdowns across Asia Pacific all year. Some lockdowns exceeded 100 days and others were enforced on individual postcodes. Navigating the detail of this across the company’s entire Asia Pacific operations and club resort locations was a mammoth task.

This uncertain climate resulted in some resorts having to close or temporarily close. The numerous and unpredictable lockdowns created a series of challenges.

• Owners locked down at resorts had to be accommodated or provided assistance
• Forward bookings, flights and car hire had to be rescheduled or credits refunded
• Resorts had to close and associates sometimes furloughed
• Recruitment and staff retention issues emerged due to the many lockdowns
• Individual government requirements had to be communicated to owners and associates

Teams worked around the clock, while providing exceptional customer care to club owners to ensure they did not lose their credits, and could have their holidays rescheduled.

• All owners who had to cancel due to government announced lockdowns were issued with credit refunds with 194,000 cancellations made during 2021

• 249 club cancellation policy revisions have had to be made due to government COVID announcements since March 2020

• More Associate resort contracts along with Maui motorhome contracts were negotiated to provide owners with additional domestic vacation options

• Over 100 free resort activities were introduced such as e-bikes and stand up paddleboards to further enhance their resort stays, which lifted NPS scores, in some cases by 9 percent.

• Further value was extended to owners with a revamped tiered membership benefits program including standardization of fees; addition of five new benefits; plus a revamp of other benefits. This has seen most owners make significant savings annually.

• The company e-commerce site, (where club members can exclusively shop for big brands at a discount, including attractions and dining near club resorts) has been enhanced. Savings up to 63% off are now offered and the program made record transactions in 2021. Over $1.7 million was generated in the sale of discounted digital store cards alone. The saving passed on to owners on gift card purchases was close to $90,000 between Jan-Oct 21.

• The 100 Club, top tier VIP membership program grew in 2021 by approx. 10 %

Amplifying its sustainable and eco-friendly practices has been another project the business has undertaken during the past year. A host of green initiatives have been introduced including sustainable bamboo rooms keys, pasta straws, an 80 percent reduction in paper usage at corporate offices, introduction of a resort app and digital compendium, replacement of plastic biros with wheat straw pens and much more.

A Culture of Inclusion and Diversity

With associates across multiple countries and cultures, the company places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Associate communications are translated into multiple languages, and virtual meeting platforms are used widely to connect associates across multiple Asia Pacific countries.

The establishment in 2018 of a Next Gen Board, also demonstrates WDAP’s culture of collaboration. This a group of 10 innovative thinkers across multiple countries influence company direction and ensure it caters for the next generation of customers.

All associates enjoy excellent benefits including discounted resort stays, paid parental leave and subsidized private health insurance for full-time workers plus learning and development opportunities, and a generous reward and recognition program.

In a testing year, the teamwork and dedication to customers shown across Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific is testament to the truly great company it has become.