2020 was a year where the customer centric culture of Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific shone bright. The team was responsive, resilient and above all they re-invented the meaning of true customer service.

The team of more than 2,000 associates is based in nine countries and serves three vacation clubs – Club Wyndham South Pacific, Club Wyndham Asia and Innovative Holiday Club Wyndham.

During 2020, they worked together to support club owners and one another by quickly adapting to new ways of working and communicating to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In February, 2020, the China team and Club Wyndham Asia members based in Asia were the first to go into lockdown due to COVID-19. This was followed by lockdowns in every country the company operates in, while global travel was brought to a standstill.

The executive team took immediate steps to protect associates and owners, and by April had closed all resorts and corporate facilities. It was the right decision to keep everybody safe.

• The team quickly adapted to working from home and Zoom meetings became the new normal.
• New rigorous health and hygiene standards at all facilities were rapidly rolled out and communicated.

• Regular whole-company town halls via Zoom were held to keep everyone aligned and connected.

• Regular live owner updates with customer experience and executive team members were held via Zoom with Q&A sessions.
• Communications were ramped up to the owner base.

• Crucially, the team focused on customer experience and engagement.

As soon as regions began to be placed into various stages of lockdown, the team leapt into action to provide club owners round-the-clock communications.

• A dedicated COVID-19 Hub was created on all owner websites.
• Owner information sessions transitioned to Zoom.
• Weekly travel trivia nights were launched to keep owners’ spirits high.
• In Australia and New Zealand, owners were given the opportunity to use their credits for an Apollo Motorhome rental
• Within two weeks of the first lockdown, Club Wyndham TV was launched. For months, the video channel has provided light entertainment to owners in lockdown and inspiration for domestic travel.

Resort managers and resort staff made great contributions to the channel and grew their skill set to produce videos for owners to enable them to stay connected with their club and resorts.

The Fiji team recorded songs for owners in lockdown. FREE weekly home fitness and yoga classes were aired to assist owners, along with meditation, videos on good nutrition and recipes from resort chefs.

Since its launch on the owner’s Lifestyle website, Club Wyndham TV has been a cause for increased engagement:
o A 77.5% increase in website visitation over the past year
85,170 (1 Dec 18 – 24 Nov 19) vs. 151,234 (1 Dec 19 – 24 Nov 20)

o A 110% increase in website logins – 22,254 (1 Dec 18 – 24 Nov 19) vs. 46,709 (1 Dec 19 – 24 Nov 20)

Thanks to tailored initiatives to assist owners in lockdown or who were impacted by border restrictions, there has been 150% increase in members engaging with the website over the past 12 months.

The Owner Services team did an outstanding job assisting owners across Wyndham’s Asia Pacific clubs during 2020. Between March and mid-November, Owner Services had to handle more than 74,385 cancellations and re-bookings – an increase of 76% on 2019.

Under Executive directives, owners’ credits were preserved, so they will still get the opportunity to take their vacations. The Owner Services team was tasked with providing raincheck vouchers for expired credits and waiving cancellation penalties.

While some within the hospitality industry went into hibernation during COVID-19, Wyndham’s resort and operations teams chose to use the time to enhance owner experiences. They fast-tracked deep cleans, refurbishments and maintenance projects across scores of properties.

The hobby farm at Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart, Tasmania, is a great example of the new experiences the team has added at club resorts. There are daily petting and feeding times with the farm animals, and children can also participate in collecting eggs.
More outdoor experiences have been added at a number of resorts to enhance owner experiences and assist them to socially distance while on vacation. These include large fire pits and outdoor cinemas.

Another major change has been the introduction of free activities such as electric bikes, stand up paddle boards, mini golf and kayaks and more, which are now offered free to club owners at many resorts.

The Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific team is aligned when it comes to customer centricity and has set industry benchmarks in 2020 across every touchpoint of the customer journey.