We all know that at the point of sale for any vendor their personalized pitch can make or break a deal. However all sales reps are also able to use other materials to help persuade the buyers, enforcing that the product of interest is a must have. In the travel and hotel industry sometimes imagery speaks a thousand words. A simple picture can transport that person in their mind to that exact situation, exact place or exact moment in time. For El Cid Vacations Club it was absolutely necessarily to export both members and possible prospects to the beautiful and most recent addition to the El Cid family in Puerto Morelos, Ventus Ha’ at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort.
With doors scheduled to open November 13th, 2021; months before, were dedicated to promoting, marketing and informing members of this upcoming addition. Different applications of imagery were produced both digital and in print. For this Best Print Media category we present to you El Cid Vacations Club Ventus Ha’ Sales Posters. These posters were created in house using renders of different areas that eventually were manifested to that exact vision.
The area featured in these 30X40in printed posters was the main lobby of Ventus Ha’. Here the ambiance is set with neutral colors, natural materials like wood and palm leaves and also set with sound and aroma for a serene first impression of this peaceful paradise. With that said those elements and that feel needed to be transmitted through a poster and really give the audience that spark of not only wondering what it would be like to step foot in the lobby but also really pushing that feeling of yearning to be there. These posters not only showcased the physical elements of the lobby but also relayed the unspoken elegance and tranquil vibe the lobby permeates. Attractive, visually inspiring and absolutely peaking interest these posters adorned sales rooms in both Mazatlan and Riviera Maya. Mysterious yet inviting even at first glance you wanted to know more.
A tag line text was placed towards the bottom of the poster which read “A SOPHISTICATED EXPERIENCE WHERE ELEGANCE MEETS NATURE”, describing the concept behind this new facility. Two smaller additional pictures where included of other common areas. Standing out as a truly unique element in the lobby bar Waves, this poster also gave a glimpse of the one of kind mind bending ceiling at Waves bar. A short text followed giving a little more detail “El Cid Resorts binds itself with the earth’s elements, inviting you to embrace life in its newest addition in Riviera Maya”. Last but not least the name and logo concluded the poster.
The posters gave insight to members and guests alike of what was to be expected with Ventus Ha’. The imagery and text presented by the posters not only let the viewer get a sense of what the lobby and other spaces would look like but really engage them and have them imagine themselves in the actual soothing, intimate, tranquil, and natural ambiance of the lobby and other areas within.