It is not every day a company within the travel and hotel industry is able to plan, build and open a brand new facility in the middle of a pandemic, well… El Cid Vacations Club was able to do just that this past November 2021, with hard work, dedication and infinite efforts El Cid Resorts was able to open its doors to the sophisticated, relaxing, and gorgeous hotel Ventus Ha’ at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort in Puerto Morelos.
The idea behind this development was to create open spaces surrounded by nature with an elegant ambiance promoting simplicity and wellbeing yet offering upscale dining and mixology in top notch accommodations along with incomparable high quality service. Before the doors opened “noise” needed to be made and the word needed to be out. In order to not only inform members, guests and business partners about the upcoming grand opening but to more so intrigue and excite our audiences leaving them wanting more a strategy came about.
A launch campaign was planned for Ventus Ha’ set to diffuse information via email marketing and social media channels. A set of informative digital postcards were created for email blasts along with teasers and special posts for our social media channels. Both postcards and social media postings were created with a sequence and time line in mind. The first postcard and post would not disclose too much information but rather peak interest. Since the concept behind Ventus Ha’ revolved around nature’s tranquility and the natural surroundings of the region the tag line created was “One with Nature” with a subtle text at the bottom reading “coming soon…”. The second teaser followed the same line of keeping this subtle and sparking interest dragging along a little mystery. The third and fourth teasers paid homage to the beautiful flora and fauna particular to the area, the ocean and Caribbean breeze were also featured linking to the elements its name was derived from, Ventus Ha’, “ventus” meaning wind in Latin and “ha” translating to water in Mayan. The last and final teaser set was a render of the actual lobby that could be expected along with a different tag line intended to explain in a short phrase the concept behind this new vacation place: “An experience led by sensory exploration”.
The postcards sent were: First- As previously mention “Coming Soon” postcard. Second postcard was the “Sensory Exploration” postcard disclosing the name chosen for the resort and an image of the lobby. The third and final postcard sent through email marketing for this campaign was the “Grand Opening” in this digital piece the opening date was announced, 2 more images of the facility were included and the call to action button linked to a special landing page exclusively for Ventus Ha’ here now really giving it all. Within this landing page general information was provided as far as accommodations, the 2 new restaurants were announced and described and a series of amenities listed. (
The open rates registered for these email sendings proved to have fulfilled the purpose intended and the engagement with our social media channels were overwhelmed with excitement and interest as to when were guests able to book, what kind of restaurants would be included, and what more could be expected. Inquiry forms flooded in, call center phones were ringing off the hook and soon enough Ventus Ha’ was trending within our official social media page and fan group pages. Worth mentioning some of these dame teasers were included in our Monthly Newsletter, taking advantage of that resource as well.
When time came for the grand opening the outcome could have not been better. Videos, Facebook lives and guests testimonials captured the joyous moments of doors opening and staff, management and administration welcoming the first guests on this big day. The opening of Ventus Ha’ at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort was an absolute success. Considering all of the above is why we believe this particular launch campaign deserves to win Best Online Media.