November 13th, 2021 was an important date for El Cid Vacations Club as the family owned business opened its doors to the fourth property in Riviera Maya within the Puerto Morelos complex. Embraced by mangroves and endemic fauna, Ventus Ha’ at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort, offers an approach to nature, creating an intimate organic atmosphere of sophisticated beauty, wellness, and wellbeing with an inspired blend of luxury and comfort. Escape to an exclusive sensory experience through different amenities, activities, spaces set with sound, aroma, and a focused interior design with natures’ unique setting of modernity.
Upon entering the main lobby the atmosphere hugs you with a mystical elegance; its interior design emphasizes natural elements such as woods, stone, water and natural textiles such as palapa (natural palm leaves). The environment is scented with incense created especially and exclusively for Ventus Ha’ with an essence based on copal commonly used in different Mayan ceremonies. Here in the lobby a cascade rests in the back wall with the sound of the waterfall’s trickling water making an absolute Zen welcome. Within the architecture graphics showcase the local flora and fauna in visible areas in what some may say abundance. Common areas, rooms, bars and restaurants too, display the respect the facility pays to Mother Nature with these beautiful pieces.
Within the lobby to the left hand side a small entry leads to Waves Bar. A lobby bar with an impressive menu of exotic mixology offering distinctive and refreshing drinks. But wait! The drinks won’t be the only thing blowing your mind, the truly unique and one of a kind ceiling will totally blow you away. This eccentric and literal “mind” bending architecture will have you questioning and guessing how in the world was this constructed? The ceiling is composed of curved layers of stacked wood plies giving the illusion of wooden waves. This particular area reflects the deep sense of gratitude and respect the Berdegue family has for the ocean and in particular the love for the sport of surfing, a popular sport the family has always enjoyed as it is a popular activity all around the world especially in Mazatlan where El Cid Resorts first planted its roots. Although the décor as previously mentioned is focused on regional natural resources in the state of Quintana Roo, this homage in Waves is just a little nod to the strong family bond this family owned, ran and oriented resort has to its humble beginnings.
Moving onto the rooms, marble green tiles rest on bathroom walls similar to the green of the surrounding mangroves. Sink faucet handles allude to duck bills and add a fun touch to the rather simple yet sophisticated resting areas. In each room the under beds are equipped with motion sensor lights making it a convenient added perk of not having to get up once laying to rest nor struggling to find the light when getting up late night whether it’s for a trip to the bathroom or a quick peak out your balcony to appreciate the sun either coming up or down.
Last but certainly not least every single room at Ventus Ha’ has its private balcony with a hammock. Now, this isn’t necessarily décor but it definitely adds to the interior design concept and plays a very important element celebrating and honoring the Mayan culture. Before they were adopted as lounging/resting accommodations, the use of traditional hammocks can be traced back nearly 1,000 years ago to the Mayan civilization. During these times hammocks weren’t designed for leisure, but instead served as a means for protection. These suspended beds safely kept “hammockers” away from dangerous creatures and insects during warmer climates.
Not only is the interior design of Ventus Ha’ inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the premises but also the rich Mayan culture that can still be seen, heard, tasted, and felt throughout this region. El Cid Vacations Club proudly presents this new facility and its interior design as a respectful homage to the impressive mangroves, vegetation, animals, resources and culture this rich land has to offer and as a nominee for Best Interior Design.