Why we needed it: 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least! Generating tours during a global pandemic found a new set of challenges. Due to the pandemic, consumer behaviors have changed and so was the way Vacations 4 You marketed to their clients. With a limited marketing budget, we knew in order to be impactful we had to change the way we think. We had to adapt to consumers and not force consumers to adapt to us and still feel comfortable with Social distancing guidelines. This is when we developed a program called, “Closing the Social Distance with Social Media.”

What we did: We knew we couldn’t keep waiving a large brush, instead, we had to be as direct and specific to our targeted consumers as possible. These leads met our specific qualifications as an organization and it allowed us to only spend ad dollars on consumers that had the want, need, and have the ability to join with us. We created a 7 month ad campaign that was funneled through Facebook and Instagram. This campaign had multi functioning images and tag-lines that were used to capture the attention of people that truly have an interest in travel while still respecting the concerns a lot of consumers have traveling in uncertain times. These leads made over 60k per year, home owners, have searched “travel” in the previous 100 days, have travelled in the previous 180 days and many more very specific needs that we were looking for in clients and people we wanted to be members. ALL this with only spending less than $3,000 in AD spend. They were dynamic and impactful as you will see from the results.

How it worked: We had record breaking performances from this. Over 1,700 Leads, 219 incremental Tours, 36% Close, 79 New Members, $565,008 in Incremental Revenue, A $2,579 VPG! Our plan was defined, executed, and allowed our clients to feel safe with us and coming into our location! Those members have now booked multiple vacations and excited about their transaction!