2021 has been a special year for our company. Coming off of a 2020, where we faced a devastating tornado, a global pandemic, and a bombing on Christmas Day that rallied our city. We feel we are the best company for the following reasons:
1. Resiliency- With everything we faced the previous year, we used those things to rally us together and create a plan of success and unwavering goals to accomplish. we more than doubled our Year over year sales volume from 2020.
2. WE ARE GROWING! We are proud to announce that we opened 2 new sales offices in 2021! Our expansion to San Antonio, Texas and Pigeon Forge, TN has opened up a tremendous amount of opportunity and possibilities for us as an organization.
3. We are recruiting Top Industry Talent! We have added extremely successful senior leaders to help run out new sites and are becoming the employer of choice in this destinations, over top developers. New impact roles: VP of Marketing, Director of Consumer Engagement, and Team Engagement Specialists!
4. Amazing strategic partners- We know we don’t have all the answers so we have created partners with some amazing vendors in 2021 to help grow our marketing, operations, customer satisfaction, and we know these partnerships are going to continue to allow us to grow each and every year. The willingness to partner shows that it takes a village to be the best. Our greatest partnership was with VOA and Mr. Jonathan Stoker. We met at GNEX last year. His impact to our member engagement and follow up protocols has allowed different members of our team to focus on their specific roles.
5. We tag-lined 2021 as the “Year of the Exceptional”, and exceptional we were. we finished the year 215% over our projected revenue marks and built an exceptional team. The goal setting process at the beginning of the year was followed out beautifully!
6. Reimagine the sales experience- At the beginning of 2021 we gutted our sales offices and re-created our sales space. Gone are the desks and hard chairs, and welcome a “living room” style experience. We wanted our sales process to feel more personal instead of transactional. You’ll see from the pictures attached, the new sales spaces are warm, inviting, and our guests really enjoy the experience.
7. WE GET PEOPLE ON VACATION! We put a high priority of not just getting new members, but making sure they’re using the product that we have provided for them. In 2021, our members logged onto their accounts over 20,000 times and visited 11 different countries!
8. Turnover. I think the sign of a great company is the culture in which they create. A good gauge is turnover. As an entire company, our turnover last year was 7%! We have been highly engaged in consumer, member, employee, and vendor engagement and without them– nothing we have done would’ve been possible!