VOA provides a service beyond customer service, starting with a minimum of 6 touchpoints to every member in the first 30 days after their purchase, followed by no less than 17 touchpoints through the next 12 months.

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management provides owners of timeshare and travel clubs with a personal assistant to help them better understand, use and get the most value out of their ownership. The results have been awe-inspiring! Lower rescission rates, reduced portfolio delinquency, lower post-recision cancelation attempts, increased positive feedback on social media, ability to save money overall on operations costs, increased customer engagement, and an elevated customer experience!

Members may schedule a Zoom call from the comforts of their home to go over any usage questions or upcoming travel plans to ensure they are using all the benefits included in their ownership.

Owners no longer have to search on social media forums for answers or “help,” which may provide them with misinformed information or, even worse, negative feedback regarding their ownership.

Developers and vacation club owners also benefit enormously from Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management by knowing their owners have a five-star customer experience from the point of sale throughout the entire year without incurring more overhead costs. Resulting in an owner base that sees the value in their membership cost, annual maintenance fee, and the multitude of benefits that come with any given ownership.

VOA provides this one-of-a-kind service to every owner at zero cost for the first 30 days to ensure the owner is happy and allows them to feel what Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management is all about. The owner then pays a one-time cost of $249.00 that provides them with a team of industry professionals to assist with any ownership questions or vacation plans for the next 12 months.

Included with this service, members have access to a hotel booking platform that allows them to receive cashback when traveling outside their ownership; this positive experience directly relates to their ownership.

The service and experiences owners receive from having Vacation Ownership Portfolio management from the point of sale throughout the entire year focus on one thing – creating a happier owner!