What sets Vacation Ownership Advisor apart from companies offering travel memberships?

VOA offers a One-of-a-Kind membership not provided anywhere in the travel industry.

This all starts with Portfolio Management. This allows our members to work with a team of experts regarding their travel reward programs to understand better and enhance the value of the points they have earned. Members learn the valuation of their reward points and when and where is the best time to redeem them. Members are provided with a list of the benefits they have included with their program status and shown how to use them for their specific travel needs best. This is called Travel Rewards Portfolio Management.

Portfolio Management doesn’t end with their travel reward program. Our team provides a complete overview and in-depth look at vacation ownership for 12 months, walking owners through the most basic to the most complex parts of their Vacation Ownership. We assist owners from all brands in maximizing the value of what they own. This results in positive feedback at the resort when non-members or members ask if they own and are they satisfied. This is called Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management.

Our Portfolio Management services not only benefit the member of a travel program but directly.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Lower Recission
Reduce Portfolio Delinquency
Reduce Sales & Marketing Expense Percentages
Increase Customer Engagement
Increase Owner upgrade percentages the following year.
Increase social media positive feedback.

for the Resort Developer.

Concierge Services: Our Concierge allows members to schedule and car pickup, make dinner reservations, let your hotel know you are arriving late while flying at 37,000 ft, book a yacht, private plane, and so much more with the simplicity of a single message.

Travel Membership: Powered by Arrivia Travel. This state-of-the-art travel platform provides our members with thousands of travel options daily worldwide and discounts not available on public platforms such Expedia.

SafeGuard Loyalty Program: Through a strategic partnership with SafeGuard Loyalty, Our members have the option to receive up to 100% of their membership cost back.

How are my membership fee and annuals dues protected?

*SafeGuard LLC protects the program through an insured structured finance vehicle. Vacation Ownership Advisor pays a fee for each membership enrollment held in trust and covered by insurance. The fund grows with guaranteed rates of return to exceed the payout amounts. It is insured with a suite of policies from A-Rated insurers (Swiss Re, Lloyds of London) and a Financial Guaranty policy covering any unforeseen event, including a shortfall of funds, thereby guaranteeing all qualifying payouts.


Member Services – VOA provides updates from each brand to the owner to keep them in the light of new benefits offered by the brand or resort. This is also extended to the travel reward brands such a Bonvoy or Hilton Honors.

Members enjoy knowing they have someone that will pick up the phone and provide them with the service and value they dreamed up the first day they signed up for their travel program.

We feel that Vacation Ownership Advisor offers The Best Travel Membership in the Travel Industry. VOA is a complete travel platform designed to assist each travel need, no matter how unique.