What is Vacation Ownership Advisor?

Vacation Ownership Advisor has solved what we believe is a critical missing step in the vacation ownership industry sales process. How? By offering Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management.”TM”

We are a one-of-a-kind company in the vacation ownership industry. Our company bridges the gap for resort developers and the vacation club owner starting from the day of sale through the following year when the owners return to the resort or go to other destinations offered by their ownership.

Our team of travel industry experts provides Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management for owners of all types of vacation ownership.

We ensure each member understands the value of their ownership and is provided the ability to work with an industry expert 365 days a year via phone, text, email, or video conference. Members may also book hotels worldwide using an app when traveling outside their ownership while receiving cash-back rewards immediately for their stay, offering hundreds if not thousands of dollars of value per trip. The owner directly relates this positive experience to their vacation ownership purchase.

Our services come at zero cost to the developer; The sales team uses this as a valuable sales tool as an “Incentive” to enhance owner upgrades and grow the first-time buyers’ closing percentage, customer engagement, reduce cancelations post and pre rescission period, and enhance the overall customer experience.

The resort includes the VOA membership at no cost to the owner, providing an enormous added value. The owners receive 30 days of VOA services complimentary. On the 31rst day, they are auto-billed $249 for the following 12 months of VOA. (A member may contact us anytime before the 30th day to not continue with VOA.)

Currently, 70% to 78% of the owners complete their payment after 30 days; this has been consistent since month one through eight months of business. Every owner that purchases a timeshare/travel club receives VOA services. VOA touches the owners a minimum of 6 times during the first 30 days. Details of each conversation are documented and relayed to the developer. This process helps their team better understand their owner, assists them in the future, and addresses any issues that may need to be handled immediately. Ensuring a happy owner and possibly preventing a cancelation that is avoided by simple follow-up. VOA has a total of 36 reviews on Google business, all five-stars in just eight short months!

Our member sign-up process is quick, simple, and secure. Each gallery has a customized secured web link that members fill out with their credit card information to create their profile during paperwork closing. Once completed, the owner receives a welcome text from VOA and a welcome email describing what they should expect from our team regarding follow-up calls and various touchpoints in the first month. These touchpoints continue through the year at strategic times, seasons, birthdays, holidays, and more.

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management provides insight, support, and expert knowledge of an individual’s or family’s vacation ownership features and benefits. This one-of-a-kind service bridges the learning gap for owners of all brands. Members learn about the value of a vacation booked vs. a maintenance fee, receive a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future vacation ownership reservations, and so much more! Our mission is to ensure owners of all brands are happy, satisfied, and see the value of their ownership.

Our services directly enhance guest experience and increase customer engagement, resulting in lower portfolio delinquency, lower pre-and post-recision, increased customer transactional retention, and fewer members searching for answers on social media.