Suhana joined Karma Group in 2012, which means that 2022 marks her 10th year with us. Suhana has always been an exemplary employee, building her knowledge, skills and experience year on year. But 2021 in particular was a special year for her, as she really stepped up to the plate in the face of unprecedented upheavals and challenges created by the Covid Pandemic and resulting travel restrictions.

These obstacles didn’t prevent Suhana from delivering no fewer than 333 Bookings, at an average rate of 27.8 per month. Her total QT was 239, once bookings made in December but realised in 2022 are taken into account. That’s an average of 19.92 QT’s each and every month.

This is not to underplay her performance in the prior nine years, which has been nothing short of stellar. Month on month she continues to achieve one of the top three spots, and is often our best performer. And this has been the case throughout her career with Karma Group.

These stats are outstanding, but they don’t communicate how Suhana is able to perform so consistently. In fact, her achievements are testament to her mindset. Suhana is able to stay fully focused and present each and every day – even in the face of formidable distractions – namely Covid. She is always unphased by things that lie outside of her control, instead focusing on the task at hand – namely communicating with clients.

She is able to quickly, clearly and convincingly explain the benefits of products to potential clients in a way that is easy to understand, adapting to each particular individual she speaks to. She never fails to be positive, upbeat and polite so that clients want to stay on the line with her.

She is a brilliant spokesperson for Karma Group and the benefits of membership and has been responsible for bringing in countless new members who have been enjoying the Karma lifestyle now for many years. She also sets an excellent example to her fellow workers and is always on hand with advice, happily sharing tips and encouraging her co-workers, particularly when they are finding things difficult.

In short, Suhana is an exemplary member of the marketing team and fully deserving of this award, following a decade of unfailing excellence – always with a smile.