GNEX 2021 will provide more unique content and session formats,
including the return of our 60-Second Pitch and Boardroom sessions and a variety of X-TALKs.

Details will be added in due course. Interested in speaking? Click Here.

Below is a list of our 2020 speakers as an example of our educational content…




Introducing a new and innovative session that portrays a boardroom environment of C-Suite leaders as they debate the past and present before focusing on what’s ahead for the industry with respect to product variations, customer acquisition, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, growth areas, potential challenges, opportunities and more. The perfect topic to start off the educational sessions, with a very unique approach – you’ll have to be there to experience it!
Mark Waltrip, COO, Westgate ResortsMark Waltrip
Westgate Resorts
Ramy Filo, CEO, Classic HolidaysRamy Filo
Classic Holidays
Jason Gamel, President & CEO, ARDAJason Gamel
President & CEO
Carlos Berdegue, President & CEO, El Cid Vacations ClubCarlos Berdegue
President & CEO
El Cid Vacations Club
Gerardo Rioseco, CEO Vacation Ownership, Grupo PosadasGerardo Rioseco
CEO Vacation Ownership
Grupo Posadas
Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective GroupPaul Mattimoe
President & CEO
Perspective Group
Amy Sances, Partner, Greenspoon MarderAmy Sances
Greenspoon Marder
Bryan Lunt, Chairman, Absolute World GroupBryan Lunt
Absolute World Group


X-TALKS are unique to GNEX Conferences; introducing high impact solo presentations that are just 10 minutes long each. These sessions enable us to provide a wide variety of session topics, packed with useful information without the waffle. Each speaker is carefully selected for their XpertiseXperience, or Xcellence regarding the topic they will speak about, hence X-TALKS. Attendees can easily drop in and out of the main conference room to see just the ones that interest them most, leaving more time for networking and planned meetings.


Barry Robinson, President and Managing Director International Operations, Wyndham Vacation ClubsBarry Robinson,
President and Managing Director International Operations, Wyndham Vacation Clubs
Wyndham Vacation Clubs
Barry Robinson has been driving significant property acquisitions, increased owner numbers and enhanced resort developments to grow Wyndham Vacation Clubs across Asia Pacific to become the world’s largest vacation ownership development operation outside North America. Barry will discuss the success of Wyndham Vacation Clubs and Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific under his leadership, including emerging markets, latest acquisitions and sales strategies.

With more than 30 years’ hospitality experience, Barry has served in a number of leading industry roles covering management, operations, development, branding and franchising. He has held several senior leadership positions in the Asia Pacific region for some of the world’s largest hospitality companies. He now leads the international growth strategy for Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Club Wyndham South Pacific, Club Wyndham Asia, Shell Vacations Club, Margaritaville Vacation Club and Resort Frontier Co. Ltd, the management company for Japan’s Sundance Resort Club.

David Stroeve, ADS ConsultingDavid Stroeve
ADS Consulting Services
The Eight Second Sale
Today, information overload has become a real concern for companies causing disengagement and disinterest. Consumers are becoming more overwhelmed than ever before with over 30,000 daily marketing messages. The need to capture immediate interest and engagement is vital for salespeople and company branding to remain relevant in today’s dynamically changing world.

As the former President of sales for Breckenridge Grand Vacations for 19 years. David Stroeve helped the company grow from under 100 employees to over 750 and grew revenue by over 470% to more than 75 million dollars. He is now the owner of ADS Consulting Services which specializes in helping companies go further by improving and accelerating sales and leadership performance.

Paige Lawrence, Executive Performance CoachPaige Lawrence
Executive Performance Coach
Paige Lawrence LLC
Lead Like An Olympian
Athletes that become Olympians do so because they are put into a unique, pressurized system that either makes or breaks them. They either adopt the skills and mindset that allows them to excel and create outstanding results, or they fall short. The world of business and the world of sport run many parallels but most notably, both are results driven and dependent on human performance. This presentation breaks down how a shift in your mindset could help you change the status quo in your environment and challenges your leadership team to lead like an Olympian and achieve higher level of performance from your employees.

Paige Lawrence retired from competitive figure skating in 2014, being ranked 12th in the World. Together with her partner Rudi Swiegers, she experienced a great deal of success as Olympic Pairs Figure Skaters. In the 9 years that the two skated together they competed at 20 international competitions with several medal placements, were the four-time Canadian National Bronze medalists, and achieved the greatest accomplishment of any sporting career, when they competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Paige is now a successful Executive Performance Coach dedicated to helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to access their potential and achieve outstanding results.
Robert Teschner, Founder & CEO, VMax GroupLt Col (ret)
Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Founder & CEO
VMax Group
Debrief To Win: Foundations of Accountable Leadership
Accountability is the core of all good teamwork, but the problem is that the word accountability—a word that leaders often champion and publicly celebrate—is that it usually strikes fear in the hearts of team members. It does so because they understand accountability to mean something that happens after a failure, and that someone will be shamed or blamed as a result. And shame or blame tends to destroy teams, not build them up to be their collective best.

Debrief to Win is an incredibly powerful presentation by a former Air Force Fighter Weapons School Instructor about practicing accountability in a way where team members learn through their mistakes to be their best; where team members’ heroics are regularly celebrated, and where even in the face of failure team members walk away motivated and inspired to try again. It’s about harnessing the power of what high-performing teams the world over use to achieve excellence.

Lt Col (ret) Rob “Cujo” Teschner served as Commander of the 7th Fighter Squadron (FS), responsible for transitioning a start-up F-22 “Raptor” squadron to operationally-ready. He was hand-selected to serve as an F-15C “Eagle” Instructor Pilot at the USAF Weapons School, the Air Force “TOP GUN” school. He flew more than 130 combat hours over Iraq in the F-15C in support of Operations NORTHERN and SOUTHERN WATCH. He also served as a senior staff officer at Headquarters U.S. European Command, where he was a key architect of a major and still ongoing multi-billion dollar overseas security initiative requested by the President of the United States. Cujo is a cancer survivor, multiple award-winning fighter pilot, and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Debrief to Win: How America’s Top Guns Practice Accountable Leadership…and How You Can, Too!

David FitzgeraldDavid Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald Group
How To Effectively Communicate With Today’s Buyers
We are all experiencing is a continual evolution in consumer behavior combined with increasing vacation options at their disposal. So the importance of understanding the personality type of the consumer that is in front of your sales person, and educating them on how to adapt their presentation to that consumer is paramount to a successful sales operation. This session will look at proven communication strategies that should be a critical component of your existing sales strategies.

David Fitzgerald has 33 years experience in the vacation ownership industry. After an extensive career in Spain and Mexico where he rose from early beginnings to one of the most sought after Sales Directors in the business, he established The David Fitzgerald Group, which works with Resorts worldwide providing Analysis, Advice and Training Solutions to increase Sales, Profitability and Efficiency. David is also the author of The Buying Curve – a complete “how to” of vacation ownership sales.

Leena Patel, Sandbox 2 BoardroomLeena Patel
Sandbox 2 Boardroom
Future-Focused Strategy: Leveraging Disruption For Engagement and Business Growth
We are amidst an avalanche of ceaseless change that can render even the most seasoned business leaders unstable, while enabling the more green to grow mighty. This X-TALK will help you develop your innovation IQ and rise above the noise. Discover three key ideas that are disrupting the travel, hotel and resort industry based on the speaker’s ground-breaking recent research and extensive work with big businesses. Plus, learn about the speaker’s own disruptive training methodology “Gamulation” that is designed to meet the trend to give employees and end-users alike an immersive, interactive experience that drives engagement and bottom line revenue.

Leena Patel is the founder of, author of Raise Your Innovation IQ, and a leading expert on helping executive teams worldwide drive innovation and engagement. Leena and her team draw from two decades experience designing and executing on innovation initiatives that capitalize on emerging trends in order to generate new growth opportunities and secure a strategic market position.

Peter Rona - Chairman, CPNAPeter Rona
Smarter Renovations With Procurement Services
There is a lot to consider when you are about to embark on major renovations at your vacation properties or when building a new facility. Learn about the do’s and don’ts of FF&E budgeting, scheduling and procurement. From choosing the right design, products and quantities to weeding through suppliers, evaluating quotations and avoiding delays; there’s likely a lot more to procurement services than you ever thought.

Peter Rona is currently, Chairman of CPNA (Contract Partners North America) a distributor of contract furniture and accessories to the Hospitality Industry. A seasoned executive manager with more than 38 years of management and leadership experience within the private and public sector, Peter is skilled in business strategy, sales, marketing, finance, technology and business development.

Brad Conner, Senior Director Wholesale Travel, Access DevelopmentBrad Conner
Senior Director Wholesale Travel
Access Development
Understanding the Impact of Closed User Groups & Cheap Hotel Rooms on Your Timeshare Strategy
In 2020, travelers and vacationers have more selection in their choice of accommodations than ever before. New hotel providers are popping up everywhere, advertising rock-bottom prices and competing for the travel dollars of vacationers worldwide. What’s going on, and more importantly, what does it mean for timeshare? Join Brad to better understand the rapidly evolving world of closed user groups (CUGs) and how your 2020 strategy can benefit from it.

Brad Conner is the Senior Director of Travel for Access Development, the largest B2B/private-label network of merchant discounts and rewards in America. For over two decades, Brad has helped organizations drive engagement and deliver unparalleled travel value to the audiences that matter most. He is a master connector and relationship builder, specializing in travel delivery technologies and platforms. Prior to Access, Brad led B2C Global business development for Tourico Holidays as well as B2B new business in North America for Hotelbeds (world’s largest travel aggregator).

Patrick Hartough, President, Condominium Travel ClubPatrick Hartough
Condominium Travel Club
On the Eighth Day… Travel Clubs
Call it a Vacation Club if it makes you feel better but the fact is Travel Clubs have finally been accepted and embraced in the vacation ownership industry. Born from the excess inventory of Timeshare Developers, created in the secret chambers of displaced marketing and sales rooms, the Travel Club is now an essential piece of vacation product offerings building revenue and closing deals at the finest resorts in the world. They continuing to evolve. How does yours measure up and what elements do you need to keep it relevant?

Patrick, a graduate of the University of Washington, has played major leadership and management roles in the vacation industry for the past 30 plus years. Patrick acquired his own 350 acre campground resort in upstate New York in 1987. As President of his company, Patrick managed the construction and development of the resort and supervised the marketing and sales programs. He created Condominium Travel Club in 1988 to expand the vacation and travel opportunities for his members. The Club has grown substantially, and today serves over 20,000 members. Patrick purchased a travel agency, Pulaski Tickets & Tours, in 2003 to assist with all the travel needs of Condominium Travel Club members.



Jim Madrid, Advance Sports TechnologyJim Madrid
Advance Sports Technology
Predicting The Future
This thought-provoking interactive workshop will see attendees discuss what they think will happen within the vacation ownership industry in the next 10 years, from exciting enhancements to potentially devastating pitfalls, and then work in groups to discuss strategies, solutions and counter measures that can be used right now – the best way to predict the future is to create it!

Jim Madrid is an expert in Human Performance and Leadership. From Fortune 500 Companies like Boeing, Nordstrom, St. Regis Resorts and Hotels, Mercedes Benz, Lexus Banco Santander, Oakley to professional sports teams like Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, Utah Jazz, along with collegiate teams, Cal State Fullerton, Seattle U, UNLV, and now to youth sports clubs; Madrid and AST have helped organizations and individuals, achieve unprecedented, record-breaking results by their unique approach to “One Team, One Direction.”

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