Silvia Rothfelder joined Karma Group in July 2021, in the middle of one of the most challenging periods for the entire travel industry with the ongoing Pandemic. However, everyone at Karma Kandara where she is based and indeed all those who’ve had interactions with her, have been hugely impressed with her commitment and creativity during her first few months on the job.

In just six months, Silvia has established some incredible rapports both with her immediate colleagues and with the intricate network of sales and marketing contacts that is so crucial to Karma Group’s ongoing success. She immediately put together a marketing strategy that really played to the Group’s strengths, whilst boldly setting out new ways to maximise a range of potentials, in line with the Chairman and Senior Management Team’s vision.

This strategy is supported by a concrete action plan that is efficient, elegant and easy to digest – which of course means that staff will better be able to implement it. She has quickly emerged as a role model for her co-workers – not only those in her department, but anyone in her immediate vicinity.

She has used quick thinking and decisiveness in the face of the restrictions imposed on international travel due to Covid, rapidly shifting her strategy to domestic markets and successfully driving new business to make up for the lack of international visitors. She was able to increase performance from the two biggest domestic market wholesalers by a whopping 700%. From 2020 – 2021.

In addition, she secured nine new accounts for 2022, contributing no less than 57% of the wholesaler’s overall performance in 2021.

She has been a great support for the Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing, the Revenue Manager and Assistant Event Manager, helping them to redevelop their overall strategies and their daily performance measures. All of her team members have seen improved performance and learned new skills as a result.

She is the perfect representative for Karma Group properties from a sales & marketing perspective – she’s quickly familiarised herself with the Group’s culture, history and operations around the world, as well as understanding specific markets and how they work. She maintains close relationships with all key decision makers in every segment, not only taking advantage of every opportunity that arises, but creating new opportunities herself through her creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm.

In just six months, she has proven to be an integral and indispensable part of the Karma Group family.