Sales is the beating heart of our industry – it drives the crucial feedback loop between membership and growth. It’s founded on superlative communication skills of course – but there is something even more fundamental – an ability to connect. Without the connection, it’s impossible to communicate the benefits of membership.

Karma Group employs an elite community of sales professionals – their success is evidenced by our continual global growth and standing within the hospitality industry. Identifying one among this group as our nominee for Best Sales Professional is no mean feat. But once again this year, one individual’s contribution has stood out.

Our nominee for Best Sales Professional 2022 is Riyan, who happens to be the son of another of our high performing sales professionals. Based in Bali, Riyan has been able to generate sales of US$654,067 in 2021 – a significant figure given the unique challenges the entire hospitality industry has been confronted with through the Pandemic.

This of course made it doubly challenging when dealing with potential clients for whom travel and vacations were not an immediate priority. But Riyan is able always to adapt, communicating clearly the long term benefits of the membership model – a boon in uncertain times. Unable to speak with clients face to face, he was able to still work effectively using online communications technologies, effectively establishing a rapport over Zoom – which isn’t easy!

In a high pace, high pressure sales environment, Riyan stands out for his open, calm and friendly demeanor, something that he maintains at all times. Positive Mental Attitude is a very old sales adage and Riyan has it in spades. But his positivity is not something forced, a learned technique – it is simply who he is.

This positivity is passed along both to his work colleagues and to his client base. He is acknowledged by clients and colleagues alike for his hard work, attention to detail, sincerity, punctuality and politeness. His great aptitude, drive and tenacity combined with a friendly open attitude such that clients immediately understand that they are in safe hands and can trust his advice and information.

His attitude to his managers, colleagues and clients is never less than exemplary. His style is grounded in a genuine enjoyment of what he does and the people he meets, while his sales philosophy is driven not only by revenue targets but by a deep understanding and conviction around the importance of positive brand experiences and of the organisation’s ability to deliver these experiences. He is a genuine authority on the organisation’s varied range of products.