We are committed to provide the best experience to our members, not only on board our vessels.

For this reason, we are the only yacht membership company that has developed our own platform and booking engine, which are protected with different security protocols and allow us to generate a personalized login for each of our members, segmenting the benefits by level of membership acquired. giving them the possibility of checking availability, making reservations and paying for them from any mobile device, as well as total control of their profile, being able to share their confirmation vouchers for future reservations through whatsapp, mail or social media, check previous reservations, edit their payment methods and download their invoices.

However, we understand that each client is different, so we have a CRM that makes us one of the few omnichannel companies in the industry. That has allowed us to unify the information exchanged and regardless of whether the member changes from one channel to another, follow the sequence of information and previous contact, in this way we avoid to generate inconvenience and frustration in our members for repeating the information even if the follow-up is provided by the same executive or a different one. This is how we can serve our members through our live chat, online form, toll free numbers, social media or whatsapp, adapting to each lifestyle.

We believe in constant evolution, which is why we are currently working on our mobile application, which will be available to our members for any apple and android devices, as well as a chatboot that allows us to attend to any questions or needs of our members.