If you think great interpersonal skills and superior follow-up are important in sales, you’re right! And this gentleman possesses that and more. Michael Diana joined arrivia in 2013 and quickly climbed the ranks to be known our top elite sales professional. Most sales professionals live in the moment, but not Michael. He is always thinking ahead and works hard to ensure every member interaction is A+! What’s his formula? Putting the member ahead of the sale. He values their member experience far more than the sale and his mantra is: “Do the right thing and the sale will come”.

In addition to delivering a quality member experience, Michael continues to have lowest rescission rate in the company and has the highest QEM statistics year after year. His current roll includes inbound and outbound calling to educate members on the benefits of their current subscriptions—and his goal is to upgrade the member to a higher tier offering more member benefits and vacation perks.

Michael’s personal goal: set the bar and then raise it! He is known as the Multi-Million Dollar Man around arrivia. While he set the bar in 2020 at the top of the heap, he exceeded it in 2021 by selling $1.2M+ more memberships than the highest earner’s record in company history. And he holds the company sales record for selling the most in the month of July, which is typically a slow month. An incredible feat when the average sales cost is only $3,500. Contrast that with the average timeshare sales cost and you realize you have to sell a whole lot more memberships to be effective.

Another key factor in his success is his work ethic. He averages more than 210 hours a month with an average shift of 7.5 hours that is the equivalent of working 28 days a month. Along with his dedication to putting in the time comes his consistency. He is one of the most consistent individuals when it comes to his script. Although he still provides a tailormade presentation for each one of his members he never strays from the process. Michael’s work ethic, sales abilities, and leadership qualities separate him from the rest, making him worthy of the Best Sales Professional GNEX Award.