At a time when the Vacation Industry has never been so reliant on client loyalty, Lloydshare, the premier provider of Vacation Ownership Loyalty Plans, stands at the forefront in helping the industry survive.
Lloydshare has for many years taken full advantage of GNEX’s fabulous networking opportunities to promote its reward program. Lloydshare has provided a regular visible presence at GNEX events for over 10 years, most recently at the very well attended conferences that took place in Miami February, 2021 and Cancun, November, 2021.
Lloydshare is fully conscious of the high profile and prestige of the GNEX delegate community, and takes every opportunity to engage.
Through GNEX, Lloydshare was able to provide reassurance that its loyalty reward program is the reliable, professional, choice. Lloydshare strongly believes that, ultimately, reward programs will prove to be the answer to industry sustainability for the future. More sales and less breakage is exactly what the industry needs at this time, to rebuild and maintain confidence, and to keep jobs secure. Investment relies on confidence of reliable returns, and confidence is what Lloydshare provides!

On its ten, fifteen, and twenty year plans, Lloydshare has paid out 100% of every eligible claim and has a fantastic name across the industry. It has a fascinating history, however it would be challenging to encapsulate the whole of ‘The Lloydshare Story’ within one of GNEX’s two minute Speed Networking sessions – But that is because we want to spend our time listening. We also love to learn. Lloydshare believes so strongly in the benefits of communication that Lloydshare has sponsored the Speed Networking segment on several occasions.

While Lloydshare is constantly growing, and is delighted to see the green shoots of recovery across the industry, at the forthcoming event we don’t simply want to seek new business partnerships. We will utilize the Speed Networking opportunities to learn all we can about the most up to date challenges facing our partners at every level. We constantly review our Terms & Conditions specifically to help promote client co-operation and support for their resorts. Feedback gained at GNEX is invaluable.
Regular attendance at GNEX Conferences has enriched our comprehensive understanding of the Industry. Lloydshare’s uniquely pivotal position, between resorts and members, has provided significant insights that have been shared through our regular speaking contributions at the GNEX forums.
We will continue to ensure we are doing all we can to encourage our clients to support their resorts, in order that long term management plans can be realized, jobs can be protected at local level, and the industry can move to new heights of success once the pandemic is finally over.
The diverse Lloydshare team combines great experience with a forward looking, positive and expansive approach. With so many struggles and problems facing the industry, Lloydshare offers the answer– a win-win solution, ensuring that members will prioritize vacationing and find a way to stay loyal to their club. Lloydshare’s Terms & Conditions specifically motivate the vacation owners who are our clients to play their part in helping the Industry recover quickly. Margins are tight all around, but Lloydshare rewards clients who support that recovery.
Not only does the Lloydshare product directly incentivize sales, it provides an enduring reason for clients to stay on board and remain in good standing throughout the term. This means not only that maintenance and relevant fees will be paid on time, but that relations with members will be cordial and complaints will be minimized. Compliance with the rules and regulations of each partner resort is written into the Lloydshare Terms & Conditions!
While many loyalty programs have fallen quickly by the wayside, Lloydshare stands out for reliability and longevity. Experience has given Lloydshare the edge over its competitors. That experience gave rise to Lloydshare Consulting, an arm of the business providing expertise, insight and help to Resort Managers in identifying and adopting best practice. This important additional income stream is partially enabled because Lloydshare works in partnership with clients as well. We regularly seek feedback and combine a market research function with strict attention to protecting privacy and personal data.
More and more resorts are working in increasingly close partnership with Lloydshare. Since Lloydshare was awarded winner of Best Developer Partner at GNEX 2012 AWARDS.
Many resorts have moved towards embedding the Lloydshare product into their sales packages, so that the reward program is an attached bonus. This increases appeal for new members and consistently improves sales figures!
Lloydshare, presently celebrating its twenty second year, is here to stay, and has never been more necessary to the industry.
Lloydshare is fully deserving of the GNEX Award for February 2022 !!