This project is the first of its kind bringing two powerful technology platforms together to create a seamless integration with the most features and benefits in the industry today. Seeking to re-invent their tour-no-buy exit program, Vidanta, the popular developer in Mexico came to ICE when they learned of their SOR acquisition asking to combine the best of both platforms.

The developer needed to enhance their exit program across their resort network to create a travel and merchandise product that would offer a sampling of the benefits of ownership on a more user-friendly platform, while providing immediate value. Members have the opportunity to explore, expand and enjoy a host of ownership and travel benefits, thereby creating a natural demand for more.

The integration of these two platforms to create Limitless Vacations was an aggressive initiative with a short delivery period. Fortunately, both ICE and SOR’s platforms were built to be scalable, so this daunting task was not impossible. With API method’s already built and available on both sides, the project was completed in an eight-week period with only a few dedicated employees. Without the scalable infrastructure already in place, this would have required more than 100 employees and could have easily taken six months to complete.

8 key benefits were identified as must-haves, expanding the exit program to include:
1. 22 Languages and 45+ currencies: Eliminating the language barriers was an imperative feature, allowing the developer to service their largely-international client base utilizing their own language and currency.
2. Reward Credits: A feature providing reward credits to the member on all purchases, adding more value by offering additional discounts on travel and encouraging use across all product offerings.
3. Boomerang referral reward program: Which creates more value for the member, allowing them to earn reward credits on the spot for their referrals every time they transact.
4. 24/7 Customer Service: With ICE’s global call centers and iChat features, the member is serviced 24/7, offering the largely international member base to transact at any time.
5. Mobile Friendly: Studies show that more than 58% of consumers transact on their mobile devices, therefore making certain the combined platform was mobile-friendly was a must-have.
6. Hotel/Car rental store: One of the strongest features of combining the two platforms is the Hotel/Car rental store. ICE leverages its powerful net rate agreements to allow for discounted prices not available to the general public.
7. Resort Weeks: Resort weeks is a new opportunity for Limitless members to try vacationing in timeshare accommodations without owning.
8. Vacation Homes and Luxury Rentals: New to the platform, this feature is more aspirational and serves the needs of the discerning member.

Limitless now provides members access to an exclusive private user group network with more access to resort weeks inventory—both peak and underutilized. Members from any time zone enjoy a 24/7 online experience in the palm of their hand to manage all their travel needs at the most desirable rates. The new, improved look and feel allows them to search and compare pricing and view real-time transactions and reward credits in the language and currency they choose.

Limitless has not only created new excitement for the sales teams at Vidanta, it has proven to pique the interest of the tour-no-buy customer. Limitless rolled out to more than 200 sales associates at more than 11 sales centers. The platform is so easy to learn and understand that sales training has been reduced from 2 days, to 2 hours.

In the competitive world of selling timeshare, Vidanta recognized it needed to re-energize its tour-no-buy exit program to remain on the cutting edge and build a pipeline of warm leads. Limitless establishes the high-level of benefits and service a member would come to expect as a Vidanta owner. Not only do they receive access to travel and lifestyle benefits discounts, they also receive comp’d cruise certs redeemable on the site as well as a free return week to one of the developer’s properties. The member is able to experience instant value in the brand thereby creating a future upgrade opportunity. As we see the end of the global pandemic nearing, the product is “just in time” to capitalize on the pent-up travel demand that is beginning to emerge. And, these sales teams are excited for a significant year of ownership growth with the addition of Limitless.