Every time a member is contacted by one of our Karma Odyssey Navigators, a feedback form is sent to that member so that we can learn directly from them what we can improve on. One of the key questions on the form is “How can we serve you better?” Below is a small sample of the typical responses we get:

“Everything was spot on.”
“Just like this… quick reply and response with customer needs.”
“We are more than happy with the Service we received. Thank you”
“Juni was excellent to correspond with. He did all that he promised in a prompt manner. it would be nice to deal with him on every occasion.”

This gives a good sense of how our Karma Odyssey Navigators have been doing during one of the most difficult years hospitality has faced in the last few decades. The reasons our Karma Odyssey Navigators receive feedback like this are manifold – speed of responses, efficiency, breadth of knowledge, range of available products they offer. Karma Odyssey is the crucial interface between Karma Group and its Members – and its performance has been exemplary.

The teams – based in Bangalore, Goa, Bali, Athens, London, Kettering & Singapore – are continually developing new products to support operations as well as ensuring that as a Group we are able to deliver value domestically in lieu of the international travel that is typically a key segment for Karma Group. The team was able to quickly pivot to the domestic market, offering up new resorts and experiences, bringing exciting new options to our members such as Karma Kasa, Karma Nomad and Bonus Weeks.

The team uses the latest industry technology whilst actively developing and integrating systems to support our unique products – and they make it easy for Members to connect with also, creating a seamless interface of in-person and online communications.

On the rare occasion where negative feedback is received, Karma Odyssey Navigators immediately contact the Members in question with a satisfactory solution to their issue, while ensuring that their feedback is taken on board to further improve and streamline our services. This includes actions like adding functionalities to our website and online platforms, or actively looking at destination and property suggestions from Members that they would like to see added to our portfolio.

The Karma Odyssey Navigators have also added new contact channels to make it even easier for Members to connect with our service teams, including Whatsapp, LiveHelp chats and online forms. In 2021, our team of hard-working Karma Odyssey Navigators made the ‘LiveHelpNow Challenge’ list of top companies providing exceptional customer service. Out of no fewer than 10,000 companies considered in the challenge metrics, the teams in our head offices in both Bali and Goa came out on top.

The Service Division is supported by dedicated staff in multiple departments throughout the world and we provide ongoing training product & service training to both members and staff through website orientation video calls (which were in-person prior to COVID).

90% of all active and inactive members were contacted in 2021 and the team actively requests feedback with monthly surveys on different topics within the business to gain insight into what our Members deem most beneficial from their membership.

The Karma Odyssey Global Team has also been instrumental in expanding the Group portfolio, particularly in areas where we have substantial numbers of Members and based on their feedback/survey submissions. This has led to a number of new properties coming online through 2021 in Indonesia, UK, Vietnam, Scotland & Spain, whilst Karma Group is currently in negotiations to secure additional properties in Australia, Egypt, Philippines, Laos & Africa as well as a number of other popular destinations.

A further service to Members was the extension of customer benefits that were due to expire in Dec 2021 to ensure that Members are able to get the most out of their membership.

To top things off, the Karma Odyssey Global Team almost doubled the number of incoming correspondences from Members in 2021, with around 130,000 incoming communications compared to a whopping 210k outgoing.