When it comes to establishing an effective team cohesion is absolutely crucial. When that team is global, the issue of cohesion becomes all the more challenging. And yet Karma Odyssey Global brings together multiple dedicated global servicing teams all of whom work together as a seamless unit – in Bangalore, Goa, Bali, Athens, London, Kettering & Singapore. The feedback we received from clients is testimony to the consistency and quality of Karma Odyssey’s service across all of these regional centres.

The teams maintain direct active contact with members on a quarterly basis at the very minimum to ensure that members are receiving the highest levels of service and feel properly attended to. This is in addition to always responding in a timely manner to any and all requests and queries from members, across a range of communication platforms. Overall, 90% of all active and inactive members were contacted through 2021.

Karma Odyssey’s exceptional effectiveness as a global team is reflected in their outcomes. Through 2021, 10,573 members made a total of 21,877 bookings at Karma Group resorts, every single one of them facilitated by the Odyssey teams. And of course their job was made more difficult by the challenges faced by the travel industry due to the ongoing Pandemic. Nevertheless, their performance continued to be stellar.

Management supported teams with incentives and outreach programmes every time they made bookings, which helped keep spirits high. Team members were also continually engaged in the development of new products to support sales operations, as well as ensuring that as a Group we are able to deliver value to domestic markets in lieu of the international travel that is typically a huge segment of Karma Group’s market. The team were able to quickly sell in new resorts targeted at domestic markets, such as Karma Kasa and Karma Nomad.

Karma Odyssey staff enjoy on-going training around products and services to ensure that everyone is a high level expert in all things Karma and travel related. These take the form of website orientation sessions, with video sessions replacing the face-to-face training that were the norm before Covid.

Staff enjoy regular review sessions also to make sure that they have the appropriate workload, are enjoying their work and feel part of the team. These sessions are an equal exchange of feedback and ideas and a vital part of staff and team development.

Again all of this has paid dividends. Not only has the Global Team doubled the number of incoming correspondences from Karma Group Members in 2021, from around 130,000 to 210,000, they have done so with smiles on their faces and a real sense of camaraderie both with their regional colleagues and those in other offices around the world.