Without a well-trained, fully integrated and above all happy team in place, it’s very difficult for any organization or initiative to achieve success. In the case of Karma Odyssey – Karma Group’s dedicated member services system – the team is absolutely fundamental. Karma Odyssey staff are the crucial point of contact with our members around the world. They maintain thousands of relationships whether through direct contact or through Karma Odyssey’s groundbreaking online services. Their success is reflected in the overall success of the company – because the membership is the lifeblood of the organization.


So how does it all work? Karma Odyssey has multiple dedicated regional servicing teams – each of which works both as a functional unit and as part of a fully integrated whole – from Bangalore and Goa in India to Bali, Australia and Singapore in Southeast Asia to the UK.


Karma Odyssey Navigators have direct contact with every single member on a quarterly basis at the very least to ensure that members always feel engaged and looked after. Often, there is much more contact, depending on whether a given member requires support with a holiday booking or any of the myriad services that Karma Group provides.


The outcomes of this consistent level of contact and exceptional teamwork across regional teams can be shown just by looking at outcomes for our teams.  In 2020 our Karma Odyssey Navigators were actively in communication with members throughout the world confirming thousands of bookings both within Karma Group properties and External Affiliates – and this in spite of the global covid pandemic.


Besides looking after the members so diligently, the team has also been active in swiftly bringing online four exciting new resorts geared particularly towards domestic travel, during this difficult period when international travel has been curtailed. These include two resorts in India, one in Indonesia and another in the UK. Thanks to their hard work, these resorts have been successfully brought to members’ attention and have been gratefully received with healthy bookings despite the global circumstances.


Another exciting new product developed by the Karma Odyssey team is Karma Concierge – a bespoke service that makes it easier for members not only to book holidays and make travel plans, but indeed to get the most out of all the many products and services offered through Karma Group. Other new products marketed and socialised by Karma Odyssey teams include Karma Nomad – which offers ‘van life’ holidays in deluxe campervans and Karma Kasa – retreats geared towards domestic travel.


Karma Odyssey teams everywhere have also been undertaking language classes to further their knowledge and communication abilities – as well as helping forge new connections and really clear communication across departments.


Of course, the best measure of the success of the Karma Odyssey team is customer satisfaction. And this has been achieved in spades – which is all the more remarkable given the unprecedented global crisis brought about by covid.


Member testimonials tell us that they are doing a stellar job, with many clients taking the time out to personally thank individuals for their support and expertise, whether booking a holiday or providing solutions to issues – or anything else in fact that our members need from them.


The Karma Odyssey Navigators are supported by administrators and technicians that are as driven as they are detail-obsessed. The Karma Odyssey app is always running at full capacity with rarely any downtime for maintenance, while bookings are turned around almost instantly.


How does Karma Odyssey run such a tight ship? It’s not just having great systems in place so that staff know exactly what’s expected of them. It is also providing space for them to grow and develop and ensuring that they are feeling fulfilled in their particular role – and if they aren’t, finding them a position that’s better suited to their needs.


Besides staff enjoying a stable working environment, there is a genuine team spirit that derives from the easy camaraderie that exists among the teams. Staff also receive regular training that reflects not only the job they do, but what they aspire for in their long term career.


The professionalism and cohesion of the Karma Odyssey team is further reflected in the fact that members are regularly called upon to provide training to other teams and departments within Karma Group. In short, the Karma Odyssey team are the beating heart of Karma Group – and their work ethic is an inspiration.