Karma Odyssey is Karma Groups’ 360 degree member services solution, integrating digital and personalized services carefully designed to meet all the needs of our global membership base. Combining industry leading UX with award winning customer service, Karma Odyssey is a sophisticated yet simple to use system beloved by Karma Group members, owners and staff alike.


In 2020, Karma Odyssey faced its greatest challenge yet in the shape of the unprecedented covid 19 pandemic. Lesser teams might have buckled under the pressure – but the Karma Odyssey Customer Services team rose to the challenge in spectacular fashion. This is reflected in the fact that they received 90% Member Satisfaction based on Member feedback forms that are sent to every member after any form of contact with a Karma Odyssey Navigator or other Customer Service team member.


In addition Karma Odyssey receives positive testimonials each and every week, with glowing reviews of the team’s services, from booking holidays to solving problems to answering a whole range of questions. For Members, Karma Odyssey works very much like an elite concierge service.


Karma Odyssey is continually developing new products to support operations as well as ensuring that Karma Group is able to deliver value domestically in lieu of the international travel historically enjoyed. In 2020 these have included Karma Nomad – a new mobile way for Members to enjoy domestic travel using luxury campervans – and Karma Kasa, a new network of resorts focused on domestic travel, given the restrictions brought about by covid.  Finally, the team have been instrumental in launching a brand new Karma Concierge service, which provides localised and highly bespoke support and wide ranging services from booking through tips on the best events and happenings in a given region.


Karma Odyssey applies the latest industry technology whilst actively developing and integrating systems to support our unique products – this is not a generic platform, it has been uniquely developed to fit the Karma Group ecosystem.


Karma Odyssey team members are extremely adept at pre-empting negative feedback – but on the rare occasion that it does occur, the team swiftly and sensitively engages with the Member in question, providing a solution that invariably leaves them satisfied. In addition, their feedback is always logged and recorded in order to ensure no such problem arises again in the future. It’s all about continually refining and streamlining services – both online and real world interactions – via the back and forth between the Karma Odyssey team and the membership, which is reflected in the fact that both parties are happy!


Karma Odyssey has also been extremely successful in activating relatively new communication channels such as WhatsApp in ways that make the most of their functionalities. This has proven a boon to members as more and more people turn to such platforms as their primary means of relatively instantaneous communication.


The Karma Odyssey Service Division is supported by dedicated staff in multiple departments around the world, which makes them even more efficient and able to respond to a raft of queries very quickly. Staff receive ongoing training product & service training to both members and staff – such as website orientation video calls (and in person prior to covid).


The Karma Odyssey actively requested feedback from Members with monthly surveys on different topics, in order to gain insight into what our Members deem most beneficial from their membership.


They have also played a key part in expanding the Group portfolio, particularly in areas where we have substantial numbers of Members and on the back of feedback/survey submissions from members. While the hospitality industry largely ground to a halt, at Karma Group, four new properties were launched – two in India, one in Indonesia and another in the UK. These were added to the Karma Group portfolio to make sure that our Members were serviced, with domestic options during periods where international travel was curtailed. It’s also in line with Karma Group’s continued expansion year on year. Additional properties are planned to come online through 2021/2022 – in Spain, India, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Laos and in Africa.


Karma Odyssey made sure to extend customer benefits that had been due to expire in Dec 2021 to ensure that members are able to get the most out of their membership moving forward. As a result of this and other measures mentioned above, Karma Group has been able to successfully weather the covid storm and look with optimism and positivity towards the coming months and years.


Karma Odyssey Navigators are constantly available to assist Members. These include native English, Indonesian and Chinese speakers. The goal is always to provide the most tailored vacation experience possible – whilst treating every member as a part of the Karma family. Not only can members connect with Navigators, but also with fellow members. There’s nothing like getting a firsthand account of a destination experience to assist in planning your vacation.


More than 85,000 members are currently connected to Karma Odyssey – and that number continues to grow. The Odyssey team. Karma Odyssey is more than a platform – it is the vehicle through which we connect with our members – providing a professional and comprehensive service with the kind of personalized approach that allows our members to feel completely at ease and relaxed – which was vitally important in the past 12 months.