As Karma Group’s flagship resort on the fabled island of Bali, the award-winning Karma Kandara has very high standards to maintain. And through 2021, one of the most challenging years the entire travel and hospitality industry – has faced, customer service at the Resort has been nothing short of exemplary.

The key to this is the personal touch that characterises customer service operations. There is a dedicated team in charge of handling all communications through WhatsApp, creating a seamless interface, with response times typicall[y within five minutes and rarely if ever longer than 10 minutes.

Karma Kandara’s General Manager meets and greets every guest who arrives without exception, making them feel they are being welcomed at the home of old friends, whilst also giving a concise and friendly summary of what they can expect during their stay.

In addition, The General Manager responds to all feedback that the Resort receives personally through Google My Business account. And by connecting WhatsApp to all of the Resort’s digital and social campaigns, we’re able to achieve instant engagement with guests, potential guests and Members.

Year on year, Karma Kandara has maintained a five star rating across its social media and review platforms. And we maintain direct communications with past guests ensuring they consistently receive attention as well as unique offers and incentives to visit the Resort in the future – something that happens often! It’s also an opportunity to ensure that when they do visit again, we’re able to accommodate them with the kind of tailored service that is a Karma Kandara signature.

In addition, Karma Kandara provide excellent pre-arrival services, especially when it comes to organising events for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and so forth, ensuring that each and every guest has the time of their life during their stay.

Despite the challenges of 2022, Karma Kandara has continued to grow and improve – we believe excellence is something that has to be continually worked on – which is the reason that Karma Kandara remains one of the leading boutique private villa resorts in the region.