Karma Kandara has already earned a reputation as one of the finest boutique resorts in Southeast Asia, winning multiple awards and industry accolades. But it’s not only guests that enjoy the many benefits of our flagship resort in Bali – because Karma Kandara is also a brilliant place to work, with team members treated as part of the Karma family.

This became even more apparent than usual in 2021, as Covid continued to take its toll on the travel and hospitality industries. And yet throughout the Pandemic, not one member of the Karma Kandara team has been laid off. What’s more, everyone was issued with an additional food allowance per month on top of their monthly salary. This has been ongoing since the Pandemic started in 2020. The average salary of Karma Kandara team members is 3% higher than the minimum wage in Bali’s Badung Regency – the island’s premier resort hub.

Karma Kandara’s management was also quick to respond to the Pandemic in terms of safeguarding the health of staff members and their families too, providing double vaccine doses to staff and their families, where many other resorts and hotels on the island waited for the free government issued vaccine. In addition, Karma Kandara provided PCR and Lateral Flow tests to staff as and when required. Throughout the Pandemic, Karma Kandara implemented careful protocols to ensure the safety of staff in the workplace, providing all of the associated supplies and equipment required.

Staff receive regular training and refreshers on key procedures including fire safety, first aid and lifeguard activities.

These responses to the unprecedented challenges presented by the Pandemic reflect Karma Kandara’s ongoing approach to our people. Karma Kandara team members all receive additional allowances to help them cover personal costs – from major life events like weddings, the arrival of a baby or for things like a pair of spectacles or dental treatment.

Besides these small personal benefits, everyone at Karma Kandara is protected by Karma Group’s private medical cover, over and above the mandatory benefits provided by the Indonesian government. Should an individual be unfortunate enough to have an accident, they can at least be secure in the knowledge that they are covered by the Company’s insurance.

Before the Indonesian government imposed lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, Karma Kandara always hosted an annual staff outing – in 2019, this took the form of a luxurious cruise to nearby Lembongan Island. The annual excursions coincides with awards for those members of staff that have been with Karma Kandara for a decade. Each month, there is a celebration in honour of the Employee of the Month and birthdays are always celebrated with cards and cookies.

All of these elements mean that Karma Kandara staff tend to stay with us – indeed many of them have been a part of the Karma Kandara family for more than 20 years. Their faces grace our Wall of Fame for guests and staff to witness – and it adds a sense of connection when guests meet them around the resort and recognise them.