“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” Karma Experience is designed to craft perfect holiday experiences for families and has been doing so for nearly three decades – constantly evolving and constantly delivering and growing as Karma Group has developed into a global leader in the hospitality industry. It is the face of the brand to members, owners and guests – and also the first point of contact, where questions are answered, issues resolved and perfect destination experiences planned.


On a regular basis, throughout the year Karma Experience India reaches out to countless existing and potential clients digitally – a means of communication that has been particularly relevant in 2020 given the global covid pandemic. Most Karma Experience clients live in India – in pretty much every state in the subcontinent. They tend to be highly active on social platforms, in particular Facebook. In order to connect with them, Karma Experience has developed a range of highly relatable digital campaigns which are rolled out on a weekly basis.


Themes for these marketing campaigns are extremely wide ranging and reflect the key characteristics of the Karma Group brand – unforgettable experiences in the world’s most desirable destinations, community, camaraderie, fine cuisine and fine wines, current travel news, upcoming holidays and festivals and particular events and happenings both within and without the Karma Group network. It’s a highly successful way of engaging our existing clients as well as bringing new customers on board.


In terms of marketing to these potential new customers, these campaigns interact with 1000+ individuals spread across the country on a day-to-day basis. These numbers are based on respected digital marketing metrics like Click Through Rate, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Action. By design, Karma Experience services are geared towards married couples with steady income levels and this has proven an ideal choice in terms of demographics likely to be drawn to the value proposition and long term benefits of Karma Group membership.


Having made contact via social media, the Karma Experience customer care team reaches out to eligible individuals directly to help them understand exactly what is being offered in terms of an introductory holiday experience with Karma Group that includes a Karma Membership Discovery preview. It’s a model that has proven highly successful in introducing Karma Group and on-boarding new members who recognize the benefits of membership.


The Karma Experience team is more than just about sales, it’s the team’s love for crafting holidays and for making sure that members are looked after that make the booking process thorough and seamless. In reality, it takes a lot of commitment, attention to detail and thoughtfulness to follow through on every step of the booking process – requiring a great deal of technical proficiency and organizational ability, but also crucially – a willingness to really connect and deliver a personalized service to each and every client.


The Karma Experience service team makes sure its customers enjoy a perfect vacation without having to plan every single detail involved in it. The members just get to enjoy a memorable holiday experience with their loved ones – a fact that is reflected in the number of thankful and positive testimonials the team gets.

A personalized holiday experience is a commitment from Karma Experience. The process of reaching out to families and booking them for a luxurious holiday experience may start digitally, but it involves a huge amount of human interaction too.  From managing bookings and travel dates to climate advisory at specific locations to looking after members and guests before & after reaching the resort, it’s the attention to details that makes Karme Experience customer care stand out.


Karma Experience includes separate teams that take care of different elements of the customer service process –  from handling guest inquiries to onboarding from offers to resort details, to payment & related issues. Post confirmation on reaching the resort, the resort teams take over. This is to make sure that the ‘care’ in ‘Customer Care’ flows uninterrupted from pre-booking through the holiday experience all the way to post-vacation follow up. It’s a meticulously guided process so that at every step, Karma Group guests feel special and looked after. Customer online reviews are testimony to the fact that it works.


Of course, 2020 was not an ordinary year. Between March and August, Karma Experience deferred more than  2000 advanced reservations due to the ongoing covid pandemic. Post the nationwide UNLOCKs, when travel restrictions were relaxed somewhat, Karma Experience gradually got up and running again. Throughout this process, the team was able to stay connected with clients, offering them alternative holiday dates that worked for them – allowing them to book a year ahead on any dates of their choosing. The levels of engagement were outstanding and paid dividends in retaining excellent client relations despite the situation.


Inevitably, covid affected Karma Experience’s core business, particularly as it caters principally to families. Nevertheless, the Karma Experience team was able to build on organic and paid campaigns to stay connected with clients and potential clients. As such the team was able to reassure clients that Karma Group was taking all necessary steps to welcome them back at its properties as soon as possible. By the end of 2020, more than 2000 families had checked in – a reflection of the sheer agility, hard work and attentiveness of the team in maintaining sales performance.


Below are some of the key milestones from 2020:


Lead Generation – Karma Experience engaged with 54304 customers in 2020


Lead Generation – Post Pandemic

Out of 54304, 18595 customers were contacted from July onwards – after operations re-started. The Karme Experience service team explained each & every measure taken by the resorts to ensure safety and thus, reassured customers that it was indeed safe to unwind at one of Karma Group’s resorts. Business-wise, it was the team’s dedication that kept the booking numbers soaring.


Total Booking in 2020 

Pre-pandemic: 2164

Post-pandemic: 2213

Office    Pre-Pandemic.   Post-Pandemic.   Total

GCC.      838.                      1037.                     1875

BCC.      1363.                    1176.                       2539

Total.    2201.                    2213.                      4414


With a workforce of 38 (reduced from 45 pre-Pandemic) dedicated holiday advisors, Karma Experience booked 4414 families in 2020.


Advance Booking for 2021

Office    Confirm.   Open.   Total

GCC.      387.          362.       749

BCC.      162            114.        276

Total      549.          476.       1025


In the truest sense, Karma Experience Customer Service has earned this nomination in what is surely the most difficult year the modern hospitality industry has ever faced. The true character of a team is revealed when faced with a crisis. 2020 has been a tough year to say the least! But, the Karma Experience service team helped Karma Group weather the storm and then bounce back with incredible resilience and energy. It is their dedication, enthusiasm, and go-getter spirit that kept Karma Experience and Karma Group thriving during the past 12 months.