In November of 2020, Jonathan Stoker resigned from Marriott Vacation Club after 20 plus years in the timeshare industry with ambitions to positively impact the vacation ownership industry by creating a company that would assist timeshare and vacation club owners of all brands better understanding, uses, and getting the most value from their ownership.

The following seven months were dedicated to developing websites, social media campaigns, CRM databases, secure online technology for members to join VOA, and much more. In May of 2021, Jonathan Stoker attended GNEX in Miami to share his vision and insight on how to solve a problem that has affected the industry for many years.

On the final day of the GNEX Conference, a deal was made with a firm handshake from the owner of Vacations 4 You Nashville to provide Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management for the owners of V4U.

In June of 2021, Jonathan flew to ARDA in Orlando to meet with the industry leaders and create contacts for the vision and growth of VOA. The day after ARDA, Jonathan flew to Nashville to meet Joe and Greg Minor, the owners of Vacations for You. June 12th was the first day VOA was offered to V4U members on the sales floor; that day was incredible; seven members signed up for VOA on the first day!

VOA expanded to Nashville with Vacations 4 You in their new location in the next two months. In November, VOA attended GNEX in Cancun, again sharing the vision of how VOA can help owners and developers in many positive ways. Another partnership was made with YachVibes, expanding the VOA brand and services to Mexico and the United States.

Jonathan Stoker has turned his dream, vision, and idea into a fully functional company and customer product that brings enormous value to the vacation ownership industry in just eight short months. The future is limitless for Jonathan Stoker, the entrepreneur, and the growth of VOA.