When it comes to top their leaders throughout our organization, Joe Minor is not only one of the best, but he continues to raise the bar ear and every year. 2021 has been a true example of this by the impact he has had on our business and industry! When Joe was promoted to Chief Sales & Marketing Officer his goal was simple… to have the opportunity to impact as many peoples lives as possible for the better. He did this successfully and in the following ways:
1. Completely built out our organizational infrastructure. When he walked into his role there was glaring holes in our day to day sales process. He completely revamped every step of the process and drastically increased our average sales price, closing %, tour flow, and VPG. He created internal competition by creating various sales teams throughout the organization and allowed the teams to all align and drive to one common goal. He revamped our marketing department by creating 7 new marketing channels to continue to drive long term and sustainable results for years to come.
2. Recruiting- Whether its sports or business, having top talent to work with on a daily basis is vital to an organization’s success. In 2021, through relationships and an understanding of where we are going as a company, Joe brought in 4 new key leaders into our organization. A highly regarded operations leader from Wyndham, a regional director of Marketing from Wyndham, a Director of Marketing from Bluegreen, and a Senior Sales Manager from Wyndham. I feel a great sign of the “Best Industry Leader” is who he can surround himself with. The ability to have these leaders join us with their extensive background– is a huge success for Joe and our company.
3. Internal development- Not only is a good leader judged by the talent he can build around himself, they’re also judged by the talent they develop. Last year Joe created the “Next level” campaign for current associates. This team of people go through weekly growth and development plans to eventually grow into the next leaders of our organization. Creating internal depth at every role allows us to never be handcuffs to unexpected occurrences as well as exposing our bench to the bigger picture of our company. He is teaching them leadership traits, how to reach financials, training modules, how to coach, and so much more! Joes impact this year just didn’t set us up for success today, but for our future as well.
4. Growth- Joe has been instrumental on the growth plan and trajectory for our business. Not only did we add 2 new sales locations in 2021, we are also slated to open 4 more in 2022 as well as a video conference sales team that will allow Vacations4you! to reach people all across the country! Great leaders have remarkable vision and Joe’s vision for our company is exciting!

Lastly- I think what makes someone great in an industry is the ability to blaze a trail and do things that most don’t think can be done! Changing our company from a small business to an award winning and record-breaking organization is all credited to the work and knowledge Joe had injected into our business.