Invest in your team members and you won’t lose them, even during a pandemic.

With close to 1,500 team members located around the world being forced to work remotely when the global pandemic hit, arrivia quickly realized they needed to invest heavily in their team members. Almost overnight, the benefits team took-action to pivot to a totally virtual environment to deliver their health and wellness programs and activities during a time when team members were stressed, anxious, forced to work from their homes while juggling family life and needs, and desperately needing new resources and enhanced support the most.

The company’s benefits team has always encouraged team members to lead healthy lives, but when the pandemic hit, it became immediately apparent that employees needed more resources, and fast. The company’s HR team hit the ground running, promptly assessing what aspects of wellbeing team members were struggling with most, and what virtual resources could be provided. Through close partnership with the company’s vendors, the benefits team was able to launch more than 100 events and activities through the Virtual Team Member Wellness Campaign with a series of live webinars on timely topics such as mindfulness, virtual medical care, exercise, mental wellbeing, financial planning, and so much more. As team members needs evolved and the pandemic drug out, the campaign evolved to include live sessions with a licensed therapist who talked with employees about topics such as stress and anxiety, providing immediate tools and advice for coping during such an uncertain and difficult time. The positive response to the therapist sessions was immediate and resounding, resulting in the team expanding their support for employees with up to three sessions available per month. When gyms began to close around the world, the benefits team once again expanded the Virtual Employee Wellness Campaign to include more online resources to help employees be healthier physically. The team located internal resources with certifications in yoga and personal training, scheduling weekly virtual sessions with exercises for employees at all levels in their fitness journey. Each week, employees could start off with a lunchtime strength training class, and then have a midweek refocus with a morning meditation and yoga session held every Wednesday. On the heels of solving for virtual wellness support, the benefits team also faced another daunting task, benefits open enrollment. With coverage like health insurance being absolutely vital during this time, the team made it their mission to find out how to get all employees relevant and timely information before open enrollment began. They launched a full, weeklong virtual health fair, inviting each vendor to hold sessions where employees could log in, learn more and ask questions. They also mailed wellness boxes to each employee’s home with branded health related items and relevant information to help everyone make the best choices for themselves and their families. The result was an astounding 100% completion rate for open enrollment.

Maintaining communication and direction was key for our leaders and our workforce. Our CEO started a global Microsoft Teams call for employees every two months to hear from our senior leadership team about how our company was performing, what the expectations were, listen to uplifting success stories and feel like a part of something larger.

Not only did our entire workforce and support programs go virtual, we also took the time to rebrand our company. Our new identity is a travel-inspired wordmark and is the combination of two words: arrive and via, which is rooted in the Latin definition by way or path. The visual design showcases a location marker representing travel destinations. We are well positioned in the marketplace to capitalize on more than 55 years of combined company experience under one brand and are excited about our future. And, with the pandemic end soon insight, we will begin to welcome our team members back to our 9 global offices with new, re-imagined our work spaces—from a new color palette, to fun graphics, a new identity and inspiring values to new reward, recognition and training programs. We realize now more than ever, the importance of embracing our global, diverse culture and strive to create a fun, engaging environment that delivers on our promise to take care of our team members and our partner’s members.

Acting fast in the face of uncertainty, and showing extraordinary adaptability and care in the new virtual world made a significant impact on employees during a time when everyone needed it most. And when we begin to welcome our team members back to our offices we feel the comradery will be stronger than ever.