GuestView Guide is a unique wall-mounted digital concierge that helps guests have a more delightful stay and helps timeshare, ownership clubs, and resorts promote ownership opportunities in a dynamic, innovative way, unlike any other product today. Guests are “wowed” by the large display from the moment they walk into the property.


GuestView Guide: Make a Big Impression on Your Guests…and Your Bottom Line.

GuestView Guide is a digital concierge for the vacation ownership industry. It helps timeshare, vacation ownership clubs, and resorts to promote ownership opportunities, delight guests with curated activities and amenities, and earn more by offering upsells.

GuestView Guide is a product from Sharp NEC, the leading global provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions in the industry.

Upon entering a property, guests are instantly “wowed” by a large, wall-mounted, high-definition display that enhances décor and features welcoming, personalized, relevant information.

As they use it, guests will discover information from a curated list of activities and amenities, all organized to give them a more delightful vacation experience. The GuestView Guide displays upsells that generate more revenue for the business.

Strategic placement, high visibility, and the interactive display of GuestView Guide let you sell timeshare and vacation club memberships in a dynamic way, superior to static flyers and emails.

Promote Ownership Opportunities
• When guests aren’t directly using GuestView Guide, it becomes a digital slideshow that displays beautiful pictures but also has the ability to advertise ownership opportunities, member benefits, vacation ownership tours, and incentives to participate.
• Guests simply touch the screen to access additional information such as directions, reminders, or other opportunities that can then be easily sent to their phones.
• These opportunities can also be sent as messages that overtake the screen. They will remain on the display until the guest has acknowledged and touched the screen.
• Amenities, services, or anything else the host wants to promote to guests, to enhance their experience, can be intermixed with the slideshow display.
• The slideshow can also promote other locations of the business that guests might want to visit or invest in on future vacations.

Provide a Better Guest Experience
• GuestView Guide provides guests with a host-curated list of recommended activities, amenities, and establishments in the area to easily fill their day and create a great experience without requiring them to do the research. These can be restaurants, excursions, spas, water sports, fitness centers, or anything else. They search on GuestView Guide for what they want, once they find it, they can send directions, special offers, or other information to their phones and off they go.
• It saves guests time by providing a directory of local businesses (again, curated) so guests know the best locations to fill their prescriptions, shop for groceries, or whatever else they need to get during their stay.
• When the guest isn’t interacting with it, GuestView Guide’s slideshow feature displays photographs and artwork the host selects to provide that local feel during their stay.

Upsell Services to Earn More
• GuestView Guide lists any upsell services the host offers and guests can easily request these upsells through the touch of a button. This can include equipment rental, fitness sessions, private chef services, mid-stay cleaning, and more.

Personalized and Easy Communication
• GuestView Guide displays scheduled or real-time messages for guests. These can include anniversary congratulations, birthday wishes, personalized welcome messages, promote amenities, or more.
• Guests can also easily communicate back to the host with the “Contact Host” button to share any issues they might have. GuestView Guide strives to keep communications safe, prompt, efficient, and simple.