WRITTEN BY VACATIONS 4 YOU EMPLOYEE COLBY HAZELIP- When looking at an award like “entrepreneur of the year” there are a few different pieces you can look at for a gauge. If you look at the company’s production, Vacations 4 You! Has gone from an idea to a multi-million-dollar business and over 600 new members, in a brand new market, in less than 2 full operating years.

In a normal world that is very impressive. However, when you look at a year like 2020, that is OUTSTANDING. I don’t think that is what makes Greg deserving of this award. I believe there is so much more than a company’s production to gauge success.

What makes Greg unique is his attention to every single detail within this organization. Greg left as a Site Leader for the largest timeshare company in the world to follow his dream. This man has worked countless days and sleepless nights to ensure every single detail is perfect. When we have encountered any obstacle as an organization, Greg has found a solution.

Being a newcomer in travel and hospitality, a company is faced with different obstacles that pop up throughout the course of a new business’ inception. Having been here since our first day, I have watched Greg tirelessly lift his team over every single one of these and come out stronger because of him. If it meant he had to stay on the phone until the middle of the night to secure tour flow, develop social media campaigns, find solutions when consumer financing problems arose, or just working to find better ways to do grow his team and his business, he did it.

Even to this day Greg has made sure every single aspect of our company is built in a position to grow. What makes an entrepreneur great is they do not sit stagnant. There is a special muscle in every great entrepreneur’s mind that doesn’t stop moving. Even with all of this said, that is still not what makes Greg deserving of this award in my mind.

What makes Greg worthy of this award is his heart for his employees. He is the true definition of a servant leader. One of the first things he said when we started in our employee meeting was “we are not successful until every single person in this room has what they need to thrive, not just survive.” He has given endlessly to ensure every one of his employees has the opportunity to live the life of their dreams.

From amazing compensation plans to endless fun SPIFs, he has made sure we have all had the chance to grow and earn. He challenges us to be stronger people as well as helping others grow. He has put every single tool in front of every single person that’s worked for him to go and secure their future. The man has a heart of gold and that is truly what will distinguish him from every other person in this category.

He has and continues to pour his heart and soul into his employees and his community. When we had to close earlier this year due to the pandemic, he made sure every single employee had money in their bank account and gave everyone the peace of mind knowing we are healthy and going top make it through. When sales have slacked, instead of scolding, he reached out, picked us up, dusted us off, and helped us get back on track. All while managing a rapidly growing company in a rapidly growing industry.

He has also taken time to give back to the community! Just in 2020, we have dealt with a massive tornado, COVID shut downs, and finally a Bombing on Christmas morning destroying 2 of our welcome center locations! Without a doubt, Greg will take this company, and more importantly everyone with him, to higher places. We may not be as big as others, however I wouldn’t change a thing. It is a true honor to work for Greg Minor.