Grand Pacific Resorts
Best Team

Grand Pacific Resorts has made significant advancements in multiple areas in an effort to make our team as supported, unified, and effective as possible.

Grand Pacific Vacation Services (GPVS)
In addition to providing exceptional service for over 80,000 owners, GPVS assists with owner education, inventory allocation, marketing, administration, and revenue management in order to send tens-of-thousands of owners and guests on vacation at our resorts and affiliated properties. Our Associates are committed to our corporate philosophy of “Enriching Lives by Creating Experiences Worth Sharing”, which applies not only to Owners and Guests, but also to one another as well.

Staying Connected
In light of the stay-at-home orders, Associates were required to quickly pivot to remote work. Even as our resorts started closing their doors one by one, our teams remained steadfast, forging ahead with projects while reassuring Owners and helping them understand their options. Within just an hour, our Vacation Specialists were setup in their homes and ready to help Owners and Guests.

With an all-hands-on-deck approach, our teams were still able to hit monthly goals and budgets. We conducted everything from business meetings to holiday parties over Zoom, proving that we were still able to successfully collaborate—and celebrate—even while physically apart.

Cross-Team Collaboration
In early 2021, we launched a new program called GPX Perks in partnership with international travel company arrivia. This initiative gives Owners the option to convert their use-week into Savings Credits to put towards travel perks like rental cars, gift cards, tour packages, and many more vacation benefits.

The rollout was a monumental undertaking requiring significant cross-team collaboration during an already disruptive time. Our technology team had to ensure a seamless website transition from the marketing site to the fulfillment platform, our Contact Center had to map out call routing while providing additional product training to agents, and our Marketing Team created the branding and positioning through a robust content strategy—all while working alongside our strategic partner to ensure quality assurance.

As an added challenge, a process that typically would have taken place in a conference room, had to be conducted entirely via Zoom and screenshares. Nonetheless, our team rose to the occasion, pulling together all the moving parts in order to deliver a new program within 3 months from concept to completion.

Lifting Each Other Up
Our teams continued working diligently while simultaneously navigating restriction mandates and remaining positive for Owners and Guests as we helped them look forward to vacationing once again.

Even when faced with mounting challenges, our teams persevered as unwavering examples of our BE EPIC values of Balance, Empowerment, Enthusiasm, Passion, Integrity, and Consistency. Associates supported one another by sharing helpful hints on how to overcome daily obstacles and remain steadfast while adjusting to this new way of working. Tips included listening to favorite songs between calls or going outside for fresh air while on a break.

Our team attended a virtual talk with keynote speaker Jim Madrid who has a background in motivating professional athletes. Jim emphasized the importance of adjusting our mindsets to find the positive in every situation. He explained that committing to making ourselves strong individually will help us succeed within our respective roles, leading to stronger teams and organizations. His words of encouragement were well-received by the team.

In response to Jim’s pep talk, our Call Center Supervisor said, “Thanks for this, he was awesome! Being an athlete myself I could relate to a lot of what he was saying in regards to ‘mindset’. I loved that he made us laugh and had so much positive information to help us as leaders in order to help our team.”

Silver Linings
Working remotely presented some of our Associates with a life-changing opportunity to relocate closer to family and friends or take advantage of more affordable cost of living moves. We all supported each other in the different ways that we can turn this situation into a silver lining for personal enrichment.

Enhanced Service
Grand Pacific Vacation Services utilizes advanced customer relationship management software, mobile-friendly websites, and help desk articles in our online Owners Community to serve Owners and Guests.

We’ve worked hard to expand our service enhancements to include:

• Implementing support services over SMS text
• An upgraded booking engine
• Ensuring after-hours communications for voicemails, emails, and Facebook messages are not only responded to, but also resolved within a 24-hour timeframe
• Providing a Live Agent Chat functionality to prioritize chats and calls in order to minimize owner wait times
• Streamlined internal training of 10 days to ramp up Vacation Specialists to support a single queue while working remote
• Creating how-to videos to share with Owners in order to help reduce high call volumes and wait times while our call center was overwhelmed

As a result of these enhancements, Grand Pacific Vacation Services realized tremendous improvement in key performance indicators with an answer rate of 87% during the peak of uncertain times to 92% along with a well below industry average hold time of just 2.5 minutes.

Growth From Within
In light of the many industry changes that have taken place over the last 2 years that have also impacted Grand Pacific Resorts, we were proud to still be able to advance deserving Associates from within. We promoted two Associates in our Call Center and one on our Marketing Communications Team to hold positions with greater responsibilities, and all have more than risen to the occasion. We look forward to more of our dedicated Associates evolving along with us.

Uniting for Causes
We are a passionate workforce that values social responsibility. Our team is fiercely committed to giving back to the community, with Associates independently spearheading a wide range of philanthropic movements, including everything from volunteering for walk-a-thons, to raising funds for students in impoverished communities, to helping donate vacations to cancer survivors.

In 2020, we purchased laptops for every high school student at Christel House in Mexico City. Our Associates then participated in a walk-a-thon to raise enough money to cover the cost of Wi-Fi in the students’ homes as they participated in distance learning. Associates walked, jogged, and biked their way to logging 15,940 miles and raising $350,000—more than enough to cover the cost of Wi-Fi for 6 months.

Service with a Smile
No matter what area of service our team is involved in, they always do so with genuine care, dedication, and smiles.