Grand Pacific Resorts
Best Product Development

Grand Pacific Resorts has been living out its corporate philosophy of “Enriching Lives by Creating Experiences Worth Sharing” for over 30 years while serving 80,000 owner families.
We constantly implement products and services to enhance the value of Vacation Ownership by offering opportunities to take more vacations at exclusive owners-only rates delivered with the highest level of service to reinforce the aspirational lifestyle they bought into.

Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX)
Grand Pacific Exchange is our internal exchange network that grants Owners-only access to exclusive rates and perks. GPX gives Owners the option to explore hundreds of destinations, through exchange and rental, both international and domestic, without depositing their use-week beforehand. Unlike other add-on products, there is no annual membership fee for GPX.

Complimentary Upgrade. Introducing GPX Perks!
Grand Pacific Resorts launched GPX Perks in early Q1 of 2021 as an enhancement to the complimentary GPX Owner Benefit. GPX Perks is a savings credit-based shopping experience that allows members the potential to earn savings credits to put towards travel costs like rental cars, gift cards, tour packages, and much more in order to maximize their vacation experiences. Savings Credits are earned by depositing a use week and then the Owner receives the value of their week in the form of $1.25 for every $1 of their maintenance fee. The program also encourages members to take advantage of special vacation offers and rates throughout the year.

Promoting Perks
Grand Pacific Resorts generated significant Owner anticipation around the new GPX Perks Program ahead of its launch by creating several webpages on GPX dedicated solely to Perks that included a promotional how-to video and FAQ section.

A buck slip with a special offer was included with the annual maintenance fee reminder and an entire section in the annual Owner magazine, Time Together, was dedicated to the program with a sneak peak of Perks along with external links to learn more. We then hosted a webinar with thousands in participation around the Perks launch and encouraged Owner participation by offering an instant 250 in Savings Credits just for watching then taking a brief survey afterwards reinforcing awareness of the new product.

We also created an automated email campaign to Owners with a deposited week about to expire, encouraging them to take advantage of converting the week to Savings Credits. This option comes at no cost to them and provides 25% more value than their maintenance fee. This has been incredibly popular among Owners interested in salvaging their use week, helping them realize the value of their Ownership, which in turn keeps the HOA healthy.

Behind the Scenes
The implementation of GPX Perks was a monumental undertaking that required significant cross-team collaboration during an already disruptive time. Our technology team had to ensure a seamless website transition from the marketing site to the fulfillment platform, our Contact Center had to map out call routing while providing additional product training to agents, and our Marketing Team created the branding and positioning through a robust content strategy—all while working with arrivia to ensure quality assurance.

As an added challenge, a process that typically would have taken place in a conference room, had to be conducted entirely via Zoom and screen shares. Nonetheless, our team rose to the occasion, pulling together all the moving parts in order to deliver a new program within 3 months from concept to completion.

Program Launch and Reception
Since its launch last year, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Owners have expressed enthusiasm at maximizing the diverse vacation benefits that are now available to them and have been actively claiming their Savings Credits. So far, the program has resulted in over 16,000 enrollments, over 400 vacations booked, and nearly $45,000 in utilized Savings Credits reported in 2021. This Best Product is a win-win for Owners, HOAs, and the Management Company, as it has already proven to be a valuable tool in shifting Owner behavior in providing more perceived value associated with the maintenance fee which has positively impacted the amount of delinquencies. We anticipate these metrics continuing to multiply as this best product heads into its second year.

Mutual Appreciation
This new best product offering is powered by arrivia. Chief Executive Officer of arrivia, Mike Nelson, said, “We are fortunate to be partnering with Grand Pacific Resorts to deliver on our vision to offer the best private-branded loyalty solutions in the marketplace. Our depth of travel options complements Grand Pacific’s already robust Owner benefits and helps them expand their footprint while driving owner engagement and loyalty.”
About Grand Pacific Resorts
Grand Pacific Resorts creates experiences worth sharing for 80,000 owner families and tens of thousands of loyal guests every year. With 24 managed properties spanning from the pristine island of Kauai to the slopes of Park City, along with numerous top vacation destinations across Northern and Southern California, the resort management company customizes its services to preserve the unique experience each location offers. For over three decades, Owners and Guests have valued the heartfelt hospitality as they continue to vacation with Grand Pacific Resorts year after year.

About arrivia
A global B2B travel company that specializes in providing an array of private branded travel solutions to its partners, arrivia offers loyalty solutions in over 20 languages and 40 currencies from several global offices with in-house fulfillment. Its travel and loyalty solutions are utilized by large scale blue-chip global brands, including American Express, USAA, and Marriott Vacations Worldwide.