Grand Pacific Resorts
Best Management Company

Grand Pacific Resorts is an established family of resorts consisting of 24 properties spanning from the shores of Kauai to the peaks of Park City along with a loyal Owner base that finds great joy in vacation ownership.

For over 30 years, we’ve been devoted to creating experiences worth sharing by providing memorable vacations. We work with each of our unique properties to define their brands, develop their visions, then deliver results.

Vacation Well Program
Since the start of the pandemic, our top priority has been to ensure the well-being of our Owners, Guests, and Associates. In response, we consulted industry experts then launched our Vacation Well Program, which includes heightened cleaning and sanitation measures, social distancing guidelines, contactless check-in and out, and a flexible cancellation policy.

Supporting Displaced Associates
When our resorts were forced to temporarily close their doors in the spring of 2020, our frontline Associates were the most heavily impacted. We launched our We Are One Fundraiser, inviting Owners to send encouraging notes or make monetary donations through a Virtual Tip Jar. Generous Owners donated over $26,000 across our resorts, which we then nearly doubled with a $20,000 donation for a combined total of $46,000 raised for displaced Associates.

Making Owners Whole
During our resort closures in 2020, we wanted to ensure Owners didn’t completely lose out on their vacations, especially considering that they continued to pay their annual HOA maintenance fees. We were able to identify an innovative solution by crediting Owners a week through our exchange program, GPX. This allowed them to vacation either at their home resort or a different one when they felt comfortable to do so.

Hawaii Safe Travel Program
We launched a program to help navigate the multilayered travel process contained in the State of Hawai‘i Safe Travels Hawai‘i Program. We made all Owners and Guests planning to travel to our resorts in the Hawaiian Islands aware of the enhanced entry requirements as required by the state, including email campaigns, notices on the resort websites, and providing information on additional resources.

Defying the Odds
During a time in which the vacation ownership industry was greatly adversely impacted as a whole, we on-boarded several new resorts in 2021, with new locations in Lake Tahoe, Oxnard, Palm Springs, and Park City. We were humbled and honored to be able to experience significant growth even in light of industry trends.

A la Carte Product Offering
As the vacation ownership market continues to evolve, we grow alongside it through innovations that address the unique needs of resorts, including self-managed resorts that still require key services like rental, inventory management, collections, etc., along with robust Owner benefits like GPX.

Beginning on January 1st of this year, we began providing boutique resort Lea Casa at Casa de Emdeko in Hawai’i exclusively with Owner Services plus Rental Solutions for the timeshare units located on the property—a service contract that is the first of its kind for Grand Pacific Resorts.

We successfully identified an emerging niche in self-managed resorts that we could fill by providing our award-winning Grand Pacific Vacation Services as a stand-alone offering. We expect to continue extending this customizable offering to other resorts in addition to our ongoing focus on full management contracts.

Protecting Owners from Timeshare Scams
We are fighting back alongside the timeshare industry and Sate Attorney Generals to ensure Owners are not taken advantage of by falling victims to increasingly sophisticated timeshare scams. In 2020, we launched our Exit Smart, Exit Safe campaign in which we detailed common timeshare scams to look out for and provided numerous resources, both internal and external, that Owners can contact to ensure they are protected from fraudulent timeshare exit operations.

Enhancing Owner Benefits
Grand Pacific Resorts believes that vacation ownership is more than a one-week vacation—it’s a lifestyle. That’s why our Owner benefits go beyond providing exceptional service to include year-round savings and opportunities to take more vacations at exclusive rates, plus vacation inspiration.

Owners with Grand Pacific Resorts enjoy the following:
• Discounted rates at their home resorts
• Rental programs for those unable to use their weeks
• Grand Pacific Exchange, an exclusive exchange and rental benefit with no annual fees, just lots of Perks like a savings-credit based shopping program for rental cars, cruises, tours, gift cards, and more
• An opportunity to earn Savings Credits just for paying their maintenance fee on time along with a value of $1.25 for every $1 of their maintenance fee back in Savings Credits when they deposit their week
• Opportunity to make tax-deductible week donation to a cancer survivor
• Annual digital magazine, Time Together, featuring resort updates and prizes

Partnership, Strategy, and Vision
Having been in the resort development business for over three decades, we possess extensive experience in a variety of key areas:

Inventory Management & Rental
We lead the industry in monetizing non-performing inventory to ensure we keep owner utilization high while offsetting the costs of unrented rooms.

Renovation & Project Management
We oversee projects and renovations that enhance the value of our properties. Our experts manage every aspect of each project, including identifying areas of maximum cost savings without compromising quality.

Creative Services
We bring each resort brand to life with our creative services team that keeps owners connected and engaged in a way that’s authentic to the property’s unique personality.