George Lobo has been a mainstay of Karma Group operations in India for many years now, always approaching his work with tenacity, dedication and creativity. His considerable leadership and management skills are reflected in the fact that he currently runs 11 busy properties across the Indian subcontinent – three of which he opened himself, all the while having to deal with the unique challenges presented by the Pandemic – which hit India very hard in 2021.

George manages a team of 650 people, with a management style that makes each and every one of them feel special and valued, which means they perform to the very best of their abilities. His immediate management team take their lead in terms of attitude, strategy and execution directly from George – he is an inspiration to everyone.

George is 100% committed to making sure that all Karma Group Members and guests are getting the very best experience possible, whilst they are visiting a Karma resort. He ensures that all systems are in place to provide the highest levels of service excellence, with staff and facilities primed to give each guest a tailored experience. Efficiency and attentiveness are his calling cards and he always leads by example, with an enviable work ethic.

It’s partly because of this that he is so well liked by his staff and by his peers. Despite his considerable responsibilities and the challenges he has to deal with, he is always calm, cheerful and professional. And he clearly enjoys what he does.

His leadership skills were particularly apparent during the Pandemic, in the way he handled all of the monumental challenges that were presented. He ensured that guests and staff were safe, that protocols were followed and guidelines implemented. Thanks to George, the resorts were able to operate as effectively as possible when Government guidelines allowed.

Despite the heavy workload and diminished resources, George still managed to ensure that the Karma Group CSR goals were continued by contributing to the local communities where Karma Group resorts are based. Support to social clubs and NGOs – whether by way of sponsored meals or time spent by staff with the less advantaged – never stopped.

We couldn’t have asked for a better leader in such an unprecedented period of upheaval.