When a standard guest becomes a member, the quality of service and facilities a lot of the time feels the same, but when a visitor decides to become a member of the El Cid Vacations Club family it opens the door for a more personalized and close relationship between the administration and every single member and partner. In doing so and throughout the years both parties become aware of each other’s wants and needs, and with the challenges the world pandemic of Covid-19 presented us all with, ECVC’s marketing team wasted no time in thinking on its toes and immediately offered a direct source of important information and updates for not only members but the general public as well.

A landing page (LP) within the El Cid Vacations Club official website was added online as a direct source of information and updates regarding Covid-19 in relation to ECVC facilities and destinations. As an entry for Best Online Media the ECVC website introduces the “Covid-19 Updates” page created for both the English language website and the Spanish language website.

The internal marketing team knew this page had to be sensitive to information, clear in its purpose and messages, easy, direct and user friendly. The public landing page is composed of the following sections:

The Opening/Welcome message: This text section is informative of the most relevant message the ECVC team wanted to relay to its members and public. Initially here is where opening dates were posted, implementation of procedures and protocols and as time passed it varied information regarding flight connectivity and ECVC destinations. Also, a link was included for users to be able to directly have access to ECVC’s Cleanliness&Care Program.
Next up are informative slides. The second section on this page is a space where the user/member can easily see and read the enforced protocol procedures in regards to safety and sanitary processes. The information is separated by area of facilities and described in detail starting upon arrival on transportation and throughout check-in, rooms, restaurants, common areas etc. The slides are color coordinated and constantly moving and taking space on the screen to alternate positions so that every slide gets screen time.
Scrolling a bit down the page, we come to the news sections which is just that, a space designated for relevant news having to do with any COVID-19 updates. A brief description is provided and then a click to action button takes the reader to the actual article or news entry itself.
To complete the page and probably the most impactful section on this LP is the gallery of video testimonials. These testimonials are current and actual members and guests recorded onsite sharing their point of view as far as thoughts and feelings about traveling, flying, resort stays, service, protocols and their membership. Extremely direct and evident testimonials of El Cid Vacations Club providing the best vacation experiences regardless and against any challenge presented, thriving and always committed and dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, top notch vacation experience for members, guests and their families. These videos not only depict the hard work and efforts management and administration put forth, but also the commitment members have to safely continue enjoying their membership, adding credibility and trust to the brand as product and service.
Open communication, transparency, comfort, and awareness is what our members and guests needed from El Cid Vacations Club in trying times that came with the past year and the world pandemic of Covid-19. This landing page was a perfect source of easily accessible information to give members and guests some peace of mind.
A marketing tool utilized to traffic engagement from email blasts and social media to this landing page that widely dispersed important information that would ease the nerves and anxiety of members while also helping preserve the high reputation of high quality service El Cid Vacations Club holds within the hospitality industry. Thus, motivating members to safely get back to their travels feeling secure and knowing the same excellent service and amenities were waiting for them.