Today, travelers search for more than quality and comfort. Guests and investors look for hospitality businesses to be environmentally-friendly and sustainable, but now more than ever on a global stand point of view, the responsibility and focus for success of any business in the industry has become cleanliness and mindfulness. El Cid Vacations Club recognizes the importance and seriousness of these indispensable safety and security measures. The company remains committed and dedicated to creating the most insuperable vacationing experiences for the entire family. With the world pandemic of COVID-19 striking earlier this year, ECVC had to strategically adapt, implement and execute a plan to communicate and continue to guarantee members the perfect setting for a clean, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable vacation; while also being understanding, aware and making sure members were informed of any and all important updates having to do with the Covid situation that forever changed the industry and the world.
Hello marketing team! The internal marketing team played a starting role along with the entire company as a whole working together alongside El Cid Resorts (Hotel division) to launch the mindful and very complete Always Committed Marketing Campaign.
The campaign slogan which is also its title was carefully and wholeheartedly decided upon for being short, direct, meaningful, and really capturing the sentiment felt by El Cid as a whole as it faced the incredible challenges this pandemic presented the entire industry with. El Cid Vacations Club wanted its members to keep in mind and never forget that regardless of the situation the company presidency, management and administration, all personnel and staff and the group as one had always been, continues to be and will always be fully committed to its members and guests protecting them, their membership and their one of a kind vacation experiences.
It was not only a matter of creating a very complete and certified sanitization program but also effectively sharing details and strategically diffusing these implementations with partners and members. Even during difficult times a brand needs to maintain its reputation and work was put in forth to accomplish this successfully through a multi-channel and multi-media marketing campaign.

The Always Committed campaign was composed of the following items:

• Email Blasts- Digital memorandums, Newsletters, postcards, surveys regarding the implementation of ECVC’s Cleanliness&Care Program ( Also kept in mind diffusing any and all relevant news and updates regarding the resorts in all 3 destinations through this same channel of digital sendings.

• Logos- Especially and specifically designed logo(s), icons and a campaign signature to attach to any communication related as part of this campaign.

• Landing Page- Informative landing page within official website titled COVID-19 Updates The landing page consists of informative and in motion slides, news article posts, and members’ video testimonials.

• Video Testimonials- Video testimonials of members and guests recorded onsite sharing their thoughts and feelings about traveling, flying, resort stays and their membership. Utilized for email blasts, social media, and onsite television screens.

• Protocol Procedures Video- A professional video was produced to visually capture and reflect the process of the Cleanliness&Care Program and inform the audience of the implemented and enforced process of operation in regards to sanitation and safety measures.

• Print Media- Symbols and signs displayed to reinforce physical distancing in resort areas like: front desk, spa, restaurants, swimming pools etc. Also, all staff was provided with a physical Always Committed pin to incorporate into their uniforms.

• Social Media- Routine posts of content related to the campaign, updates, videos etc.

• Social Media Campaign Bits&Pieces of our History- Facebook campaign created to offer entertainment and content for members to engage in positive and interesting fun facts related to ECVC destinations and resorts to alleviate members of COVID-19 related info overload.

With these main elements as means of giving the Always Committed campaign maximum exposure, along with the support and efforts of all company staff the message reached members who were ready to travel and come visit their homes away from home. As a professional leader in the travel industry for close to five decades, El Cid Vacations Club has set the bar high for hospitality, accommodations, and guest satisfaction. El Cid Vacations Club prides itself in offering incomparable service, and a big part of that is keeping visitors’ safety and that of their loved ones an absolute priority. The company message was relayed successfully through this campaign. The Always Committed campaign informed members, guests and partners not only that the health and safety of everyone around us is vital but also ensure and strive to conserve the company’s success and maintain a high level reputation as a caring, mindful, and proactive brand.