With a tough start to 2020, ECVC intended to kick start 2021 on the right foot and with an uplifting and lively campaign. A different approach and a one of its kind for the group as a whole our Color Your Spring Campaign 2021 wasn’t offering discounts in points for members or any other type of offers nor promotions to save points, this campaign promoted literally adding a splash of color to your vacation.
The past two years were dark and gloomy due to a certain pandemic situation that reached and affected the world in its entirety to unimaginable heights. The intention behind this campaign was not only to incentivize bookings but more so to really engage members and getting them excited for their upcoming stay with us. So why not cheer up our members and guests with extraordinary activities and onsite events full of exaggerated colors. The campaign which ran during the spring and summer seasons on both coasts in Mazatlan and the Riviera Maya, consisted of the following:
A special digital postcard was created and sent out to communicate and inform members of the campaign launch getting them excited for what would be available to them amid their upcoming trip and stay at any of our resorts. Weekly onsite activities included Tie-Dye workshops, water balloon fights, and arts and crafts for kids; colorful specialty drinks, neon glow in the dark parties and paint parties were offered for adults. Schedules were monthly uploaded onto our website calendars informing members and guests of the activities going on giving them an idea of what could be expected.
An exclusive digital musical playlist was created and distributed through email marketing sent to members for their enjoyment, composed of lively and uplifting songs in which some a color was included as part of its title or mentioned throughout the song: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4UrA70yGYxIks7Fpunjwn3?si=26768d8f78e24510 .
As our standard strategy of keeping our members informed and up to date with everything going on at our facilities and installations this campaign also formed part or routine promotions sendings, monthly newsletters and social media posts.
Feedback was incredible! Members and guests alike were engaging on social media, asking questions and inquiring about future events. Families were excited to get to the resort and begin being part of what was something different, exciting and fun. A little added color made for incredible vacations that also left memorable moments lived with loved ones at our resorts. The campaign was able to fulfill the purpose of living in the moment and really being present partaking in these activities.