Our nominee for Best Sales Representative goes to the most dynamic sales associate that I’ve had the honor of working with in my 15-year career. Brittney Cotton not only is our back-to-back representative of the year for our entire company, but her results rank her among the best in the industry. I think the key points when reading the metrics below is remembering that we aren’t a timeshare company with a $100 million resort to walk guests through and help Build the dream with. She has achieved these results at an offsite sales office while selling a Travel Club product. Her unique ability to gain the trust of her guests while injecting passion and enthusiasm into her daily presentation has been a true joy to watch. Not only has Brittney broken every company record in 2021, but she did it the RIGHT WAY! Compliance and accountability are extremely high on her priority list and showing guests the real benefits of our program as well as staying engaged with the consumer long after they leave the office. Here are Brittney’s Results for 2021:
1. A personal production FRONTLINE TRAVEL CLUB SALES VPG OF $3,738.
3. A podium VPG of over $2,600.
4. 40% of all organizations New Members, went through Brittney’s Podium Presentation.
Brittney also led the charge in developing the workshop process for the entire company as well as spearheaded our redline training process for underperforming reps. She is an exceptional employee and one that has set a high bar for everyone to chase.