Vacation Innovations (VI) and Holiday Systems International (HSI) have become known for producing some of the most innovative technology in the travel industry in their more than 50 combined years of serving clients from resort partners to individual consumers.

Following VI’s acquisition of HSI in July of 2020, the company has focused on further broadening HSI’s capabilities and reach, expanding its already impressive suite of established travel products while bolstering the organization’s technology, resources, and strategic position in the industry, all while raising the caliber of products and services across all business lines. Specifically, the company has leaned heavily into leveraging data, business intelligence, enhanced automation, and improved algorithms to create an enhanced experience for both its customers and business partners.

HSI has built a reputation as a leading wholesale travel provider and developer of award-winning, travel-related rewards programs and technology, producing some of the most sophisticated software and user interfaces in the travel industry. Similarly, VI has served as a trusted partner within the travel industry, offering best-in class travel services and industry-leading expertise in vacation ownership solutions for consumers and developers. Together under VI, the company’s dedication to delivering best-in-class technology and products has never been stronger or more apparent.

Leveraging its strategic relationships with properties and developers, VI has positioned the company as a leader in travel services, providing nearly 600,000 members with exceptional travel opportunities and experiences across multiple brands. Catering specifically to the timeshare industry, the company has expanded its presence to provide travel services in collaboration with more than 2,500 affiliates and partners and has paid more than $100 million in maintenance fees to the timeshare industry.

VI has invested significant resources into modernizing HSI’s back-end systems and customer management software, aiming to provide an even higher level of service to its customers. The company has successfully built detailed user profiles with unique demographic and preference-based data points, allowing them to provide a more customized experience for members and a more accurate picture of potential customers for its resort partners. HSI is also leveraging Salesforce “Service Cloud” to provide a unique customer service experience, properly tracking SLA’s and consumer experience.

The company has also successfully transitioned HSI’s systems and servers from a physical server room to a distributed cloud-based platform, increasing reliability and capability, while reducing the potential for single-location-based issues such as network downtime and bandwidth limitations. In addition, VI is currently migrating HSI’s back-end customer management platform to a Salesforce environment in an effort to further improve the customer experience and leverage data-driven insights to produce some of the most comprehensive member profiles in the industry. With a clearer picture of its member base and their unique preferences, the company will be able to deliver more relevant content to its members while also providing developer partners with more accurate prequalification data.

HSI’s wide range of products and services, in conjunction with VI’s developer relationships, has helped serve the combined companies’ clients more effectively by offering lead generation and customizable technology solutions, while also driving additional tours. Combining HSI’s one-click checkout with the significant traffic—nearly 5 million visits annually—generated across VI’s strategic web presence has led to the development of new product offerings while breathing new life into existing brands. The company has also built an expansive, proprietary exchange network through the merging of multiple inventory sources and technology platforms, which has helped to drive growth and add value for developer partners and end users alike.

Over the course of the past year, the company has announced the rollout of refreshed branding and key product enhancements across multiple existing travel platforms and has also launched several custom-built solutions in conjunction with strategic developer partners, with features including but not limited to:
• Optimized sales flow by leveraging Salesforce CRM and sales pipeline tools
• Improved search experience to provide relevant, high-conversion search experiences through AI-enriched content
• New Loyalty Engine with an omni-channel customer loyalty program leveraging Salesforce AI to improve client conversion rates
• New online booking engine that shows improved cruise ship and cabin descriptions, all linked to media files & rich content such as cabin photos, ship images and deck plans to assist in the shopping process
• Enhanced data analytics using AI and comprehensive statistical analysis, leveraging salesforce to explore underlying patterns and identify insights, and display those insights with charts and explanations that are easy to analyze

VI and HSI have redesigned how members search for and book travel across the company’s various platforms, introducing a reimagined, intuitive member portal with a modern look and feel, and a new mobile-friendly interface that makes it possible to search and book vacations on any device. These new enhancements were designed to streamline the entire membership experience, elevating the platforms’ utility for members, and making them want to travel even more.