The Holiday Systems International (HSI) Operations Team, led by Edwin Lugo and Iris Addison, continues to have a significant impact on the performance of the brand and the success of the organization as a whole. Following the acquisition of HSI by Vacation Innovations (VI) in 2020, the HSI Operations Team was tasked with integrating HSI’s brands, products, and procedures into the overall VI organization, while also looking for ways to add value and drive growth. After more than a year of diligent work, led by Edwin Lugo and Iris Addison, the HSI Operations Team has seen significant success that demonstrates why they truly deserve to be named Best Team.

Over the course of the past year, this team has worked tirelessly to bolster HSI’s brands and programs and has seen incredible results, maintaining focus on three key elements: product optimization, inventory optimization, and lead generation.

As part of their drive for product optimization, they worked to increase engagement through mutual partnerships with a focus on increased overall member engagement, especially as it relates to online activity. Working with affiliate partners, this team has been able to increase overall mutual member engagement by over 30% year-over-year, including online resort week bookings. They’ve also enhanced the company’s products and developed new best practices for affiliate partners and major resort developers to help increase developer and affiliate product sales, proving the true value of the company’s products and services.

In addition to working with affiliates and developers to evolve the brand’s products and services to meet their business needs, Edwin, Iris, and the HSI Operations Team have also worked to increase member satisfaction through several initiatives, from technology and user-experience refreshes across multiple platforms to more proactive customer outreach. As a result of the program changes, which included an overhaul of the main product platform websites, online consumer ratings improved from 1 star to 4.5 stars on the BBB, a reflection of significantly increased overall member satisfaction year-over-year.

Another major hurdle this team faced was ensuring the most efficient use of inventory. To help ensure the company had sufficient available rental inventory to fulfill the business’ needs, this team worked to increase member resort week deposits, providing maintenance fee relief in the form of Travel Credits that can be used toward future travel. This move accomplished multiple goals simultaneously, ensuring sufficient inventory for travel club partners, increasing platform usage and member satisfaction, and increasing potential future platform spend.

Edwin, Iris, and the HSI Operations Team took a proactive approach in delivering solutions and options for their customers, reaching out to members to ensure they were aware of the available travel options as the world began to travel again during the pandemic, while also helping to connect the dots for affiliate partners on how to increase arrivals and reduce missed opportunities for collaboration.

These proactive conversations with members and affiliate partners have helped this team leverage opportunities in complementary market segments, partnering with several large resort developers to help increase yearly arrivals through lead and tour generation. Through this team’s efforts, the company has enhanced and expanded its capability to deliver quality leads and tours to developer partners. With increased customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as fully optimized products and inventory flow, the HSI Operations Team has been able to more effectively identify and convert members into high-value tour opportunities for its resort partners. This expanding area of focus highlights the effectiveness of this team and its efforts to maximize opportunities and efficiencies to dramatically impact the growth trajectory of the company.

Looking ahead at any future acquisition opportunities, the actions and success of the HSI Operations Team will serve as the model for managing potential integrations. By focusing on optimizing existing platforms and leveraging data to create new opportunities, the HSI Operations Team has set the standard for the company moving forward and is a clear demonstration of what should be expected of a Best Team award winner.